Baden-Württemberg State-to-State Programs

Opportunities for researchers from Baden-Württemberg universities to conduct research in the U.S. or Canada.






In order to promote international exchange, cooperative agreements have been concluded via the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science with state university systems in some states or provinces in the USA and Canada. The state programs of Baden-Württemberg are special exchange programs, because here the partnership is not between two universities, but between the state of Baden-Württemberg and a consortium of universities of a state (USA), province (Canada).

An overview of current programs and calls for proposals can be found below via the respective links:

Logo UMass UMass
University of Massachusetts (USA)

"Researcher Mobility Program" of Baden-Württemberg and the University of Massachusetts

Ontario (Canada)

The Ontario Baden-Württemberg Faculty Mobility Program is part of the state-to-state programme of Baden-Württemberg and the province of Ontario, Canada.

North Carolina (USA)

State to State Program Baden-Württemberg/North Carolina Faculty Mobility Program

University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut

State to State Program Baden-Württemberg/Connecticut Faculty Mobility Program

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