Voluntary initiatives at KIT

bunt - Karlsruhe

bunt is a cooperation of diverse organizations – among them KIT - that are active in the region of Karlsruhe. 18 institutions with volunteers and full-time employees from various fields of work decided to cooperate together in order to improve and expand their network and their diverse range of activities to be able to present them more clearly to the outside world. With this cooperation, bunt aims to contribute to better support for refugees in Karlsruhe. The website offers the following categories: education, work, help services, leisure and accommodation.

Tandem program „Pelican“

The work group "Engagement for Refugees" at the Institute for German Studies offers the tandem program "Pelican" (Personal Intercultural Academic Network). Pelican provides tandems of one student and one refugee, who already worked in his/her home country in an academic environment or who is interested in studying at KIT. Through interacting and intercultural exchange, the linguistic competence of the refugees improve, and longer-term encounters with natives are also possible.

EduRef - Education for Refugees e.V. 

EduRef is a non-profit association from Karlsruhe and a university group at KIT. Their goal is to provide free education for refugees, especially in the IT sector.
The courses comprise of Java programming courses for both beginners and advanced as well as Microsoft Office for beginners.

University group Enactus at KIT - Welcome2Work

The students of Enactus university group are students at KIT, who are involved in various projects for refugees. In an illustrated book "refugee time", they tell their stories in text and pictures together with the refugees. Through the Welcome2Work project, the university group supports refugees in labor market integration.