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Learning Agreement & Course Selection

In order to successfully apply for an ERASMUS stay at KIT, you must fill in a Learning Agreement, which lists the courses and lectures that you would like to do during your stay in Karlsruhe.

Information on the lectures can be found in our KIT university calendar. A list of English taught courses you can find here.

Useful hints for filling out your Learning Agreement:

  • About 80% of your selected courses should be offered by the department you will be enrolled at.
  • You can also obtain ECTS points for your participation in the pre-semester German language course. For further information see "German courses".
  • Be flexible! Very often schedules will be changed just before the actual start of the semester. This might mean that you will have to change your Learning Agreement after your arrival at Karlsruhe. However, this is not a problem. You can easily implement changes after having talked to your department coordinator at KIT.
  • For some lectures at KIT, you will have to register. You can see which courses are concerned from the course description. Please be aware that you will only be able to register, once your have been enrolled at KIT, not before.
  • The number of ECTS points awarded for each lecture depends on the department you are enrolled at. This is why ECTS points are not directly mentionned in the course catalogue but in the individual course descriptions on each department's/institute's website.
  • If everything else fails, an easy way to find information on a specific lecture is an online search engine (e.g. Google). Just type in the name of the lecture (e.g. from the course catalogue) and "KIT".


If you need assistance to select subject-specific courses, you should contact the departmental coordinator responsible for you directly.

Lecture Translator at KIT

Problems with the German language? The Lecture Translator transcribes and translates the lecture automatically! You can read a transcription in German and the translation on your laptop or smartphone.

An overview of all lectures with Lecture Translator can be found on External Link
Your lecture is not listed? Let us know! info∂



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