Welcome to "I Volunteer @ international KIT"! This is an initiative of the International Students Office, team "Welcome and Integration", for the coordination of voluntary student engagement with an international reference. Our work refers to all initiatives and university groups of the KIT as well as in the urban area and surrounding area of Karlsruhe, which have an international reference. This concerns either their participants or the topics of their work and/or their target groups.

Students ask us from time to time where they can do voluntary work. Such a commitment besides studying is very beneficial. Not only does it support personal development, but it also helps to integrate and make new acquaintances. In addition, proof of volunteer work is an important criterion in your CV when applying for scholarships and jobs.

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The aim of "I volunteer @ international KIT" is to provide an overview of university groups, initiatives, etc., in which KIT students can get involved on a voluntary base. For the time being, the focus is on the KIT campus, and we are working closely with the internal department of the AStA at KIT, which is responsible for the registration of university groups. In the further course of the project, we would also like to include initiatives from other universities in Karlsruhe as well as from the city and district. In addition, we would like to support the work of the various university groups and initiatives by establishing a network between the initiatives. We also plan to offer further trainings and workshops on relevant topics.

Offers for students: where can I volunteer?
Offers for university groups and initiatives with international focus