Blended Intensive Programs (BIP) are a new funding line in the Erasmus+ program generation 2021 -2027. The program is intended to promote the use of innovative learning and teaching methods and to expand the possibilities for online cooperation. The aim is to appeal in particular to people who are unable to spend several months abroad.

BIPs can be aimed at both students and employees. This gives them the opportunity to take part in an innovative short term programme and develop their intercultural skills in the process.

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Generous funding

Up to 8000€ for the organization of a BIP or up to 79€ per day for mobile students. This equals almost four times the daily amount students receive during an ordinary semester abroad.

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Intercultural learning

Learning in an international context not only opens up new perspectives on your own subject. Diversity in exchange also serves personal growth. Students  can train interpersonal skills that are helpful in a global, heterogeneous society.

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Care work, professional obligations or financial reasons can make a semester abroad impossible. Shorter stays and more generous funding make studying abroad accessible to a broader group of students.

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Innovative Teaching

An international setting, collaboration with other universities, digital teaching formats and even a stay abroad make every course an exclusive leaning experience.

General conditions:
  • Participation of at least 3 European universities from 3 different program countries
  • Mandatory virtual part
  • Presence phase of 5 to 30 days
  • At least 15 mobile participants
  • Acquisition of at least 3 ECTS for students
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    Participation in a BIP
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    Organising BIPs