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Finding suitable accommodation in Karlsruhe is not easy. Therefore, you should take care of it as early as possible, but not before you have an admission letter from KIT.

Especially at the beginning of the winter semester there are often shortages. Most students in Karlsruhe live either in one of the student residence halls or in private shared flats.

Here you can find an unofficial rent index, there is no official one in Karlsruhe. We have also compiled a list of common abbreviations used in apartment advertisements.

Important tips for finding an apartment and living in Karlsruhe can be found here.

The O-Phase is organized by the students group of ESN Karlsruhe in cooperation with the International Students Office (IStO) and with the help of 60 to 80 local students volunteering to be your tutors during the O-Phase.

It consists of one week packed with activities to get to know the university, the town of Karlsruhe and its surroundings and it is a great opportunity to meet other exchange students as well as locals.

Further information on the O-Phase can be found on the webpage of ESN Karlsruhe. Registration usually starts about a month in advance, around this time you will also receive an E-Mail with an invitation to it.

Have you already registered for the O-Phase?
Registration O-Phase (Link

As a preparation of your stay here, IStO in cooperation with the KIT-Studienkolleg organizes German courses on beginner and intermediate levels (A1-B2) three weeks before the lectures start. Simply indicate in your online application form if you would like to participate.

This course does not replace the language certificate which is required for your application.

Four ECTS points will be awarded for:

  • regular participation in class (at least 90% attendance) and
  • successful exam at the end of the course.

Exchange students from partner universities have to pay a small participation fee of 75 € and take a placement test. Details about the payment can be found in your information letter, which you can download from the Mobility Online Portal. As soon as KIT-Studienkolleg has received your participation fee, you will receive an invitation to take a placement test by e-mail. Please transfer the fee and take a placement test before you come to Karlsruhe.

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