If your stay at KIT is unfortunately coming to an end, please follow the advice below as you prepare to return to your home university to avoid encountering unresolved issues upon your return.

Before you leave KIT, it is important that you exmatriculate from KIT. This is because you will need an "Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung" if you want to study at a German university again.

In order to exmatriculate from KIT, you should complete the application for exmatriculation, which must be stamped by the International Students Office, the KIT-Library and finally the Studierenden­service. You can either collect the stamps personally or send the application for exmatriculation per Email.  After that, you can download the de-registration certificate in Campus Management with your KIT registration data.

You must return the KIT card to the Studierendenservice. You should also make sure that you do not have to return any books to the library. Please note that your KIT E-mail address and your KIT login data will be deactivated six months after the exmatriculation so make sure to download all important documents early.