Application for a visa to enter Germany

Students from EU / EEA countries and Switzerland  
…do not need a visa and also no residence permit for their studies.
Students from the USA, Canada, Australia, El Salvador, Honduras, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Israel and Brazil   
…can travel to Germany without a visa to study. With your valid passport, you enter the country as a tourist and apply for a study residence permit in Germany within the first three months (validity period of the tourist status). 
Students from all other non-EU countries (third countries) who are in possession of a residence permit for study purposes in another EU member state and wish to study at KIT under an exchange program
... must apply for a confirmation of Mobility within the EU for the Purpose of Studying EU Directive 2016/801 (REST- Directive)
Students from all other non-EU countries (third countries)
…need a national visa for training and studying (no tourist visa!) for entering the country.


Applying for a national visa for training and studying

This must be requested in good time before departure with the German foreign representation (embassy or consulate) responsible for the last place of residence.

You will need in any case:

  1. a travel health insurance for the first three months (or the validity duration of the visa)
  2. admission form of KIT
  3. proof of funding (at least for the first three months, often the embassies require a proof of funding for at least one year)
  4. personal documents

Please note: 

If you travel to Germany with a tourist visa or work visa, you are not allowed to study and cannot be enrolled. You must apply for a study visa at the embassy in your home country!

Further information can be found here: Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes (DAAD)