Our goal is to create new perspectives with people in economically, socially or politically disadvantaged regions through the realisation of engineering projects by meeting their individual challenges with sustainable solutions. Relationships are created that are characterised by intercultural exchange and cooperation at eye level.
In our international project work in countries of the Global South, we attach importance to a holistic approach, the independence of our project partners and the complete integration of the projects into the local structures in order to ensure long-term success.
The involvement in the association's projects not only has an impact on the communities in which EWB is active, but also shapes the members' way of thinking in the long term. The sensitisation of our members leads to a critical examination of their own world view and the stereotypes and prejudices it contains. In this way, we promote our intercultural understanding and awareness of the impact of our actions.

You can find more information about EWB here : Engineers Without Borders

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