A representative of KIT visits National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA) in Yerevan

On April 15, 2024, Elena Pfeifer, Regional Officer for Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus at KIT, visited the National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA) in Yerevan to learn about current projects, including those in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, communication technologies, and biomedicine. The current visit also focused on the possibilities of closer interdisciplinary cooperation, e.g. in the field of entrepreneurship and technology management.

Visit of the President of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

On February 20, 2024, Professor Dr. Seok-Jin YOON, the President of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), visited the KIT with a high-ranking delegation.


Purpose of the visit was the fourth extension of the Memorandum of Understanding between the KIT and the KIST, which has been in place since 2003, focusing on cooperation in the fields of atmospheric research, hydrogen research, and robotics.


Furthermore, the delegation visited the research facilities of the Hydrogen Laboratory HYKA, the Institute of Nanotechnology INT, and the AIDA Simulation Chamber facilities.

Visit of the President of Academia Sinica Taiwan

On February 16, 2024, the President of Academia Sinica Taiwan, along with a delegation, visited KIT.


The visit focused on mutual acquaintance and exchange regarding energy research and policy in Germany and Taiwan. Special attention was given to collaboration in the field of renewable energy.


In addition to visiting the Karlsruhe Liquid Metal Laboratory KALLA and the Hydrogen Testing Center Karlsruhe HYKA, various research areas of KIT, such as hydrogen research or pyrolysis, were introduced.

Visit of the Vice President of Kyoto University

On February 2, 2024, the Vice President of Kyoto University, Professor Dr. Fuyiki Ishikawa, along with a delegation, visited the KIT.


The purpose of the visit was to exchange ideas on the promotion of young researchers and to plan further collaborative steps for scientific cooperation between Kyoto University and KIT. Other agenda items included visits to the KIT Health Technology Center, the Zoological Institute - Cell and Neurobiology, as well as the KIT Center Materials in Technical and Life Sciences (MaTeLiS).


Kyoto University is one of the significant partners of the KIT in Japan. A focal point of collaboration is the German-Japanese university network "HeKKSaGOn".

Visit of the Rector of TU Sofia to KIT

On February 1, 2024, the Rector of the Technical University of Sofia (TU Sofia) Professor Dr. Ivan Kralov with a high-ranking delegation visited KIT and learned about current projects in the fields of machine engineering, electrotechnical engineering, automotive engineering and sustainable mobility. The partnership between KIT and TU Sofia dates back as far as 1991. The current visit also focused on the possibilities of closer interdisciplinary cooperation, e.g. in the field of entrepreneurship and technology management.

 Monika Müller-Gmelin, Presse- und Informationsamt Stadt Karlsruhe
Upper Rhine universities and cities will intensify cooperation in the future

Strengthening the cooperation between universities and cities of the Upper Rhine was the focus of the second "Eucor Cities Meeting" on October 12, 2023 in Karlsruhe. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the city of Karlsruhe had invited top representatives of the trinational Eucor network and its host cities to the meeting. The common goal is to further strengthen the region, especially as a location for innovation.

University of Göttingen / Photographer Peter HellerUniversity of Göttingen / Photographer Peter Heller
9th Japanese-German University Presidents’ Conference of HeKKSaGOn

The six member universities of HeKKSaGOn – The German-Japanese University Alliance convened for the 9th Japanese-German University Presidents’ Conference on
 “What Opportunities and Challenges does Artificial Intelligence offer to the Higher Education Sector?” at Göttingen University on September 21st and 22nd, 2023.
the meeting could be held again in person after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Focus of the meeting was primarily on the use of AI in science and research, as well as on further close collaboration.

Tongji students visit KIT

In the past month, KIT was visited by students from our partner university Tongji in Shanghai, China two times.

First, a group of mechanical engineering students, who also visited the Institute of Production Science on Campus East, were our guests. The following group consisted of students of informatics engineering who, appropriately enough, just arrived at the KIT during the "Day of Informatics".

Both groups were received by Oliver Schmidt, Head of the Department for International Cooperation at KIT, and received an overview of KIT, its history and importance. They then got an insight into student life at KIT, including a tour of the campus and lunch in the University Cafeteria.

The visit was rounded off by a tour of the Karlsruhe Palace with the palace park, botanical garden and a visit to the palace tower.

We are happy about welcoming our guests and hope for a further successful partnership with Tongji University.

Delegation visit of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Singapore

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth - Vice President for Transfer and International Affairs, a delegation of researchers and employees the Department of International Affairs (INTL) visited various research and educational institutions in Singapore at the beginning of July.

The main reason for the visit was a joint symposium with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research A*STAR. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed to promote joint research activities and talent exchange.

Further topics of the visit included energy and materials research as well as sustainability in various areas.

High-ranking delegation from Hungary visits KIT

At the end of June, a Hungarian delegation led by János Csák, Minister of Culture and Innovation, visited KIT. Together with the Chairman of the KIT Supervisory Board, Prof. Michael Kaschke, the KIT Presidium and researchers, the guests exchanged views on energy and climate research, engineering studies and the importance of science transfer for research and society.

Inauguration of Academic Forum Chile – Germany in Santiago de Chile

The first Academic Forum Chile – Germany was held in Santiago de Chile from June 12 to 14, 2023. The event marked the beginning of a biennial event series focusing on sustainability topics such as renewable energies, climate change, green transition, and circular economies. Five researchers from KIT actively participated in the event, contributing their expertise to panel discussions, workshops, and presentations.

Vice President of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST) visiting KIT

Professor Xi Zhanwen, Vice President of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST), visited KIT on June 7 with a small delegation from the university. The focus of the discussions at KIT was the exchange with Professor Dr. Thomas Hirth, Vice President for Transfer and International Affairs, on the upcoming extension of the Memorandum of Understanding between KIT and NJUST that has existed since 2013. Both sides agreed to establish cooperation in environmental sciences as a priority in the future. A first step in this direction was the visit of the Chinese delegation to the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research with a tour of the AIDA climate simulation chamber.

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan visiting KIT

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Dr. Lotay Tshering visited the KIT on Friday, March 10, 2023 to learn about its current energy and climate research. Discussions on bilateral cooperation were also on the agenda.
During the visit to the KIT Centers Energy and Climate and Environment, Tshering gained insights into the current research activities. With the Energy Lab 2.0 he visited Europe's largest research infrastructure for renewable energies. Tshering also visited the AIDA cloud chamber, in which the KIT researchers study the interaction and dynamics of aerosols in the atmosphere.

Besuch des Franz Generalkonsul
Reception of the French Consul General from Stuttgart at KIT

The French Consul General Gaël de Maisonneuve visited the KIT on 23.02.2023. He was accompanied  by his colleague Hervé Martin, Attaché for Science and Higher Education Cooperation for Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

Mr de Maisonneuve took over the function from Catherine Weber in September last year. His inaugural visit to KIT took place within the anniversary year of the Elysée Treaty, which celebrates 60 years of Franco-German friendship.

KIT President Holger Hanselka visits KIT Alumni Club Argentina

On Sunday, November 13, KIT President Prof. Dr. Holger Hanselka met the KIT Alumni Club in Buenos Aires. The dinner had been organized by the President of the Alumni Club Dr. Carla Allende. In the cosmopolitan district Puerto Madero, 11 alumni met with Prof. Hanselka for a casual exchange about the KIT. They chatted about news at KIT and in Argentina while enjoying delicious Argentinean specialties.

The visit took place within the framework of Prof. Hanselka's one-week trip to Argentina. After his numerous appointments in Buenos Aires, he will travel on to Malargüe to visit the Pierre Auger Observatory, a large-scale international experiment in which KIT is also involved.

japanischer Konsul
Visit of the Japanese Consul General Nobutaka Maekawa

Visit of the Japanese Consul General Nobutaka Maekawa

On October 12, 2022, the Japanese Consul General Nobutaka Maekawa visited the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) together with the Economic Consul Tomoyuki Kishi and was received by Professor Wanner Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Mr. Maekawa has been the Japanese Consul General in Munich for Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria since 2020. The aim of Mr. Maekawa's visit was to get to know that the KIT ​​as is one of the leading scientific institutions in Germany. Other topics of conversation were his presentation of the activities at KIT in the area of ​​transfer and industrial cooperation, as well as possible cooperation with KIT in the future, including political support for HeKKSaGon.

Visit of Delegation of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

On September 29, 2022, a visit by a delegation from the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) took place. The representatives of Korea's leading institute for mobility were particularly impressed by the breadth, depth and quality of the research at the KIT. During the one-day visit a great interest in cooperation with the KIT became clear.
As the official research institution for the Republic of Korea, KOTI offers recommendations and alternatives for national traffic policy and the optimization of traffic management. Research focuses include autonomous driving systems, mobility transformation and logistics.

MoU with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

On July 28 and 29, delegates of KIT and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki met for a workshop on the further development of their strategic partnership and exchanged ideas for potential collaboration. During the visit of Rector Nikos Papaioannou, AUTh and KIT signed a Memorandum of Understanding to intensify collaboration.

 French-German Institute for Industry of the FutureFrench-German Institute for Industry of the Future
25 years French-German double degree & 5 years French-German Institute

In 2022 KIT and Arts et Métiers will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their French-German double degree program with more than 850 double graduates in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. The year 2022 also marks the 5th anniversary of the French-German Institute for Industry of the Future.

 Andreas Braun, Gabriela Espinosa, Danny Tröger, Gesa Siebert
Exchange with Germany-Alumni from Latin America on the development and implementation of a circular economy

As part of the BMBF Round Table "Internationalization", KIT invites to an online exchange with Germany alumni from Latin America on the topic of development and implementation of a circular economy, on January 17, 2022, 3:00 - 5:30 pm CET.

Thursday, November 4th 2021 in Basel

Do you have an interest in analysing and/or storing health data, and do you want to do so in compliance with international norms? Then this event is for you! It is not only aimed to inform technical professionals, but also to provide answers to the C-level, while educating and inspiring the next generation of health-data professionals.

IECO DaysIECO Institut
IECO Days 2021

The German-Chilean network project IECO is hosting the second edition of the IECO Days on October 5 and 6. This time, the highlight will be an expert panel on technology transfer in the field of green hydrogen. In addition, there will be scientific sessions around the approach of Eco-Industrial Development. Scientists, students and professionals are welcome.

Please register here: https://ieco-institute.com/events.html

SeedMoneyLeaf_Can Stock Photo
Apply for Seed Money

The new Seed Money Call is open! As teacher or researcher of one of the member universities of Eucor – The European Campus you can apply for funding (up to 60,000 euros) for your bi- or trinational project. Apply before September 30th.

matchmakingAdobe Stock
For Postdocs - Matchmaking Upper Rhine Energy Storage Systems - 28 september 2021

Be part of the Eucor network: 5 universities, 3 countries

Make new contacts in your research area, find opportunities for future collaboration, and start co-creat projects. The number of participants is limited, a selection will be made. Please register until the 8th of September.

RadfahrerTanja Meißner
Registration Tour Eucor Lite 2021

A year without Tour Eucor? Impossible! The Tour Eucor Lite is a short version of the normal cross-border bike tour. It will take place from the 4th to the 5th September 2021 and consists of a two-day bike tour from Offenburg, via Strasbourg, to Karlsruhe. Registration available until July 25.

EPICUR-Research: a new dimension for the European university alliance

In the framework of the EPICUR alliance, the « EPICUR-Research » project, coordinated by Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, launched in January 2021 and funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, is setting up new types of research collaborations at a European level for early career researchers.

Thomas Hirth, KITMarkus Breig, KIT
Thomas Hirth new Eucor Vice President

Eucor - The European Campus has elected its new head.  Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.. Andrea Schenker-Wicki, Rector of the University of Basel, is the new president of the association. Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth, Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs of KIT, was elected as her deputy. Together, they will preside over the trinational university network for the next three years.

IECO Institut MeetingIECO Institut
First IECO Steering Committee Meeting

With its first Steering Committee Meeting, the BMBF funded Network project “Institute of Eco-Industrial development” (IECO) celebrated another milestone on 04 May 2021. Vice President Prof. Thomas Hirth highlighted the long-standing history of cooperation between the KIT and the three Chilean universities.

Prof. Johannes BlümerProf. Johannes Blümer
Prof. Johannes Blümer appointed “Science Ambassador” at UNSAM

Prof. Dr. Johannes Blümer has been appointed “Science Ambassador of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM)” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was granted this title due to his long-standing commitment and support of the cooperation between KIT and Argentina.

Gruppenbild mit indischer DelegationKIT
Friendship tree between KIT and India


On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, which will be celebrated for the 151st time on October 2, a tree will be planted on the KIT as a special symbol during the visit. This will be a walnut tree, which is found in both countries, defies climate change, and was an important tree for Gandhi. The tree is to stand for a long and flourishing relationship between KIT and its Indian partners.