An ERASMUS student must meet certain requirements to complete a study abroad program at KIT:

  1. Partner University
    You must be enrolled at a partner university of KIT at the time of application and during your stay at KIT.
  2. Nomination
    You must have applied successfully at your home university for an exchange position at KIT, which means you have to be nominated for a exchange position at KIT.
  3. German skills (compulsory)
    You should demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the German language at time of application (June 1 or December 1), since a large part of lectures at KIT are in German. Applicants to the Department of Architecture, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Biosciences, Department of Informatics and Department of Mechanical Engineering must have at least a B1 level according to the European Language Level Framework. All other applicants must demonstrate a minimum proficiency of German at A2/B1 level (recommended: B1).
  4. English skills (additionally)
    If you are planning on attending English taught lectures or write your final thesis at KIT in English, you should provide proof of good English knowledge, i.e. B2-level.

In exceptional cases and only after approval of our departmental coordinator, exchange students might be allowed to study at KIT only with proof of good English knowledge (at least B2), if:

  • you are a student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and if you have chosen only English-taught lectures for your study plan.
  • you are writing a project or final thesis at KIT and your supervisor at KIT has agreed to accept you without proof of German knowledge

However, without proof of German language we might reject your application and we highly recommend to learn German in order to be able to master your daily life in Karlsruhe.

You can check your German-Level with the Goethe-Institute Test or DUO.


Information regarding language certificates:

We accept most types of language certificates.

Accepted certificates are:

  • issued by your home university or
  • issued by a language school

We will not accept a simple language course attendance certificate that does not state whether you completed the course successfully or not or online (test) certificates.