Before Departure

Should you leave Germany, do not forget to comply with German law and de-register your departure date at the city hall of your residential town.

Please bear in mind that you will have to deal with some organisational matters before you leave the country.
It is usually advisable to start planning your move about three months in advance. The following timetable will help you to save time and nervous energy.


Three months to go

Cancel your tenancy agreement in good time

Cancel your contracts with local utilities providers (electricity, gas, water)

Discuss with your landlord whether you have to do any decorating before leaving your accommodation

It may be advisable to consult a tax accountant about completing your tax declaration

If you have been drawing a salary and have paid social security contributions, arrange an appointment with an adviser at the “Rentenversicherungsanstalt”
(Pension Service) to discuss your pension entitlements

Check with Human Resources well in advance whether you will receive your final salary/fellowship payment before you leave the country. The move and the
final payment often cross

Cancel your public transport season ticket and your BAHNCARD

Cancel any subscriptions to newspapers or journals

Cancel your membership in any societies, associations, clubs etc.


One month to go

If you receive Kindergeld or any other social benefits please inform the responsible authority (`Familienkasse´).
   OTHERWISE YOU WILL VIOLATE GERMAN LAWS! We strongly suggest to write a letter not an e-mail (including your Kindergeld-Number)

If you have children, inform the school or kindergarten that you are leaving

Inform your insurance companies that you are leaving

If you want to sell your car in Germany or take it to your own country, you must inform the Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle” (vehicle licensing authority) and the
company providing your third party liability insurance. Please take note of the formalities necessary to export a vehicle purchased in Germany (export declaration)

Inform your telephone provider

Arrange for the rent deposit to be reimbursed including the interest and any compound interest accrued during the rental period

If required, complete a Nachsendeantrag (forwarding request) at the post office so that your post can be forwarded to you ( > Nachsendeservie)

If you have paid for a television licence inform the Gebühreneinzugszentrale (GEZ - fee collecting agency) that you are leaving

Take borrowed books and journals back to the university library or departmental libraries

If you want to send luggage home by freight service arrange an appointment with the freight carrier to pick up the parcels

As you will probably need to use your bank account right up to the last minute, we recommend you not to cancel it. You should keep it at least for three more months
until all final bills like phone and electricity are paid. For closing your bank account after your leave you should clarify with your bank to prepare already the necessary
actions and to indicate to them your foreign home bank account data and new address.


Moving day

Note down the meter readings for electricity, gas and water in the handover report and get your landlord to sign it

Check your accommodation and the staircase for damage

Depending on what you have arranged with your landlord, clean your accommodation

Hand over the accommodation empty and return the keys to the landlord/property manager

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