Erasmus+ Internship

Type: Internships
Region: Europe
Duration: minimum 60 days, maximum 12 months
Funding: monthly financial support


The ERASMUS+ program for internship provides financial assistance to students doing an internship in participating European countries. The scholarship is available to students and graduates who have already found an interniship/placement at an institution or organization abroad.

Graduated students have to apply before the end of their study in order to receive the scholarship. The placement can also start after the end of the study.

Please be aware: the program provides financial grants but does not offer internship places. You should look for a placement on your own. Some internship offers are published on our website (Placements in Europe).

The scholarship recipients will receive a learning agreement signed by the university, the scholarship holder and the company. It guarantees the recognition of experiences earned abroad (e.g. ECTS or entry into the Diploma Supplement).

Coordination and application contact

Koordinierungsstelle für die Praktischen Studiensemester (KOOR)