Changes to your Learning Agreement

In case you would like to make changes to your Learning Agreement, for example because certain lectures are not offered at KIT or overlap with other lectures you have chosen, this should not be a problem. Please note the deadlines of your KIT department..

The Learning Agreement form offers a second page entitled “changes” for exactly this purpose.

You should check with your home university coordinator first regarding your changes, secondly with your KIT departmental coordinator.

The International Students Office at KIT can only accept your changes, when at least your KIT departmental coordinator has approved the changes. In most cases, your home university will even accept the change with only the departmental coordinator’s signature.

Examination Registration:

In order not to endanger your examination procedures, please register for examinations as early as possible so that you have enough time to correct any errors that may occur. Our instructions (dein Dokument verlinken) explain how exam registration in the Campus Management Portal works.


If you have already been nominated by your home university for 2 semesters at KIT, you have to re-register fort he second semester in the Campus Management Portal.