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Application Process

Please note: the application portal for all Bachelor's, Master's and Studienkolleg courses can be found here:


You can apply for studies starting in summer term 2024 from December 2023. Applications for Studienkolleg (t-course to prepare for Feststellungsprüfung or German language course before Bachelor studies) are possible starting November 10, 2023. Applicants for the language course before Master studies please apply for the subject you wish to study after taking the language course. 


You can apply for the courses "Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics" and "Water Science and Engineering" from October 15, 2023.

In order to facilitate the application process, international students can apply online at KIT.

Please select the group you belong to:



* Applicants for a Bachelors degree with foreign nationality and German higher education entrance qualification (Abitur, not graduees from Studienkolleg) follow the same application process as German applicants and apply via this portal.

** For all interested (EU and non-EU)

Entry to Germany

Please visit the page of RKI for information about the current entry regulations.

Video tutorial Application for studies at KIT (in German)

Please note: Applications for Bachelor's degree programmes with restricted admission (NC) require registration at Hochschulstart. Information on this can be found on the Bachelor application page.

Current information on the application process for winter term 2023/24

APS India

KIT cooperates with the APS office in India to support the procedure. Please refrain from individual queries.

Nationality in the application portal

Please make sure that you state your nationality correctly in your application! In case of an application with (Bachelor, admission restricted), you also have to fill in your nationality correctly on before submitting the application to KIT.

Grade information for applications for NC subjects

International applicants please leave the fields for grades empty. They are not mandatory fields. The International Students Office team will calculate your grade based on the submitted school reports.

Information about the school leaving certificate

Please make sure that you enter "Foreign school-leaving qualification" under School-leaving qualification and "Other general higher education entrance qualification acquired abroad" under Type!

German course at the Studienkolleg

Please note: The German course at the Studienkolleg, which you can select with a check mark, lasts a whole semester. You cannot start studying at the same time. You must prove that you have the required German language skills in order to enroll. If you apply for admission to the German course, this is not an application to study the subject.

Application deadlines

The application deadlines are strict. Applications must also have been submitted to the application portal by the application deadline.  

Please apply as early as possible because getting a visa usually takes at least six to eight weeks.

All deadlines can ba found on the respective page of your preferred study course/subject.

Application deadline winter term
Bachelor:  see details of the course
Preparatory Course (Studienkolleg) July 15
German Language Course (intensive, preparatory course for DSH, 1 semester, before the Bachelor studies): July 15
Master: see details of the course
German Language Course (intensive, preparatory course for DSH, 1 semester, before the Master studies)

July 15


Application deadline summer term
Bachelor (first semester): application not possible  
Bachelor (higher semester): see details of the course
Preparatory Course (Studienkolleg): January, 15th
German Language Course (preparatory course for DSH, 1 semester): January, 15th
Master: see details of the course


Admission process for Bachelors Degree Courses

Admission process for Masters Degree Courses