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Degree Seeking

Application Process

You can apply for studies starting in summer term 2021 from December 2020 on.

In order to facilitate the application process, international students can apply online at KIT.
Applications for Water Science and Engineering (MSc) and Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics (M.Sc.) are possible starting November 15, 2020 here. Applications for T-Kurs and German language courses before your Bachelor studies at Studienkolleg are possible from November 20, 2020.
Please select the group you belong to:

* Applicants for a Bachelors degree with foreign nationality and German higher education entrance qualification (Abitur, not graduees from Studienkolleg) follow the same application process as German applicants and apply via this portal.

** For all interested (EU and non-EU)

Application deadlines

The application deadlines are strict. All postal submissions of your documents should arrive at the International Students Office before those dates or will not be accepted

Please apply as early as possible for the Studienkolleg (preparatory college) and German courses because getting a visa usually takes six to eight weeks.

Application deadline winter term
Bachelor: for winter term 2020/21 August 20, 2020
Preparatory Course (Studienkolleg): for winter term 2020/21: August 20, 2020
German Language Course (preparatory course for DSH, 1 semester): July 15
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (International): April 30
Master with NC (restricted admission): July 15
Master without NC: September 30
Master Optics & Photonics: April 30
Master Water Science and Engineering: June 15
Master Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics: June 15


Application deadline summer term
Bachelor: application not possible  
Preparatory Course (Studienkolleg): January, 15th
German Language Course (preparatory course for DSH, 1 semester): January, 15th
Master with NC (restricted admission): January, 15th
Master without NC: March, 31st
Master Water Science and Engineering: December, 15th
Master Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics: December, 15th


Admission process for Bachelors Degree Courses

Admission process for Masters Degree Courses