Our association was founded with the aim of connecting like-minded students with an interest in Model United Nations (MUN).

Model United Nations conferences bring together interested people from all over the world to simulate the processes, assemblies and committees of the United Nations. Within this simulation game as delegates of the United Nations, students represent the opinion of their country to be represented on a specific topic of global and current relevance and negotiate and debate to find common solutions and draft resolutions. This not only improves the participants' business English and public speaking skills, but also their intercultural competences. In this way, the Model United Nations Spirit regularly brings new people together and networks like-minded people within Germany and from all over the world.

On the one hand, we as Munika e.V. facilitate the joint attendance of such MUN conferences by preparing our members through joint debates and workshops as well as by providing financial support. Furthermore, travelling as a delegation to MUN conferences offers the opportunity to gain unique experiences as a group as well as an individual.

On the other hand, we organise our own annual conference in November, KAMUN. We start preparing for this as early as spring. The planning of KAMUN enables our members to take on responsibility in many different areas. Thus, the organisation of our conference offers both content-related tasks, such as drawing up the respective committees and their content-related debates, as well as organisational tasks, such as planning social evening events.

In general, membership in our association allows you not only to volunteer but also to network with like-minded people. After our weekly meetings, we traditionally go to the Oxford and finish the evening together.

Since MUN conferences are mostly held in English and our association attracts many international students, most of our meetings are held exclusively in English.

More information about Munika can be found here: Munika e.v. (Model United Nations Initiative Karlsruhe)

Contact: vorstand does-not-exist.munika org