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International Students Office (IStO)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
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Welcome to the International Students Office of KIT!

Are you an international applicant interested in degree-seeking studies, PhD, internship, Erasmus or overseas exchange at KIT?

Here you will find information and services regarding study and funding opportunities, preparation, application and realization of a stay at KIT, and about student life in Germany and Karlsruhe.


Application for studies in winter term 2020/21

You can apply now for studies starting winter term 2020/21. Please note the extended application deadline for Bachelor and preparatory courses: August 20, 2020.

Remission of tuition fees

Students in specific circumstances may apply for remission of tuition fees. Details on our website.

Closed until further notice

The International Students Office is available via email or phone.

FAQ relating to the Corona Virus

Please see the FAQ answered by the Crisis Unit of KIT.

Checklist and Recommendations for Travelers Coming to KIT

Medical Services (MED) of KIT gives recommendations and a checklist for people returning from China to KIT:

erasmus eucor Fulbright TU9 BW-Stipendium cluster

Applying, Enrolling & Studying at KIT

Start of Studies for Internationals SS 2020

The video series „Start of Studies for Internationals“ includes the most important information for your start at KIT and your arrival in Karlsruhe.

Here you will find more Information.


There are many good reasons why you should decide to study at KIT. We have compiled some of the most important reasons in an easy-to-read format.

The ten most important reasons

Enrollment for the summersemester 2020 will take place from 30th March 2020. Please see here for details.


Latest News


Smart Farming - Digitalisation and the influence on global agriculture   
3rd – 5th July 2020

Everyone is talking about digitalisation. It influences every area in our lives, politics, economic, sciences and our social lives. In the seminar we want talk about the influence digitalisation has on global agriculture. The food security is one of the big issues we face, today. Digitalisation can be a big chance to ensure that everyone on our globe is getting enough food. Especially countries of the global south can profit of the new technologies and can skip over development steps, with is called “leapfrogging”. Digitalisation is not only a chance it also has risks to face. 

In this seminar we would like to:
•    inform you about new developments in the area of smart farming 
•    discuss chances and risks of digitalisation and food security
•    reflect upon ethics and digitalisation and artificial intelligence 

The seminar is for free!
Please register for the seminar until the 30th June on our homepage.

Remembrace – Erinnern im Dialog

Veranstaltungsreihe zu zukunftsgerichtetem Gedenken und gesellschaftlicher Diskussion - eine studentische Initiative von Miriam Rateike
Veranstaltungen am 14.06., 24.06. und 27.06.2019
Weitere Informationen im Flyer

Alert of fraud

Dear students,

Due to a recent incident, the International Students Office wants to warn all international students of frauds targeting especially foreigners by fraudulent calls or criminal visits in the dormitories.

You find the announcement here.


KIT Is in the Top 100 of the World in Ten Subjects

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019 – KIT Is Strong in “Natural Sciences” and “Engineering & Technology”. In ten subjects, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) ranks in the top 100 of the universities worldwide, in mechanical engineering, materials sciences, and physics it has even reached the international top 50. 


Sustainability Spring Days at KIT - REGISTER NOW

Who has never heard of the terms ‚sustainability‘ and ‚sustainable development‘ before?
Sustainable development is a trendy, modern term, highly visible in our society – everybody talks about it. But what does this development mean for your own professional and private future, for science, economy, for your studies and for our society as a whole?

ASA Logo
ASA-Programm 2019

Vom 20. November bis 10. Januar beim ASA-Programm bewerben!

Bis zum 10. Januar 2019 können sich Studierende zwischen 21 und 30 Jahren online um die Teilnahme am ASA-Programm bewerben. Das Programm versteht sich als Werkstatt Globalen Lernens und richtet sich an junge Menschen verschiedener Berufs- und Studienfelder.


Neben Seminaren umfasst die ASA-Teilnahme ein dreimonatiges Projektpraktikum in einem Land Afrikas, Asiens, Lateinamerikas oder Südosteuropas.


Die Reflexion des eigenen Lernprozesses und der eigenen Position innerhalb globaler Machtstrukturen ist dabei fester Bestandteil des Programmablaufs. Ein großes Alumni-Netzwerk lädt außerdem dazu ein, das Programm mitzugestalten, sich weiterzubilden und gemeinsam Handlungs- und Gestaltungsspielräume zu erkunden.
STUBE - The Students Program

for students from Africa, Asia and Latin America in Baden-Württemberg!

STUBE is a development-related completion to professional studies – on weekends and covering various interesting topics. 


The STUBE  Programme offers:

Week-end seminars, study days, excursions, workshops on development related aspectsFinancial support for a development aid career oriented internship or research in the native country (BPSA)

For more information visit

There you will also find our annual program 2018.


Seminar Engagement in Projekten mit Geflüchteten

Das ZAK bietet in Kooperation mit der Caritas Karlsruhe im Wintersemester 2018/19 das Seminar ‚Aktiv in fremden Welten: Studienbegleitendes Engagement in Projekten der Arbeit mit Geflüchteten‘ an.

Studierende haben hier die Gelegenheit, die ‚Parallelwelt‘ der Geflüchteten in Karlsruhe direkt kennenzulernen und Integration durch eigene Projekte mitzugestalten. Das soziale Engagement wird begleitet durch ein regelmäßiges Seminar, in dem Fachwissen zu Hintergründen der Flucht und Migration, zu Prozessen in Behörden und öffentlichen Einrichtungen, zum Asylverfahren oder zu Integrationsmaßnahmen vermittelt und diskutiert wird.

Teilnehmende können auswählen, in welchen bereits bestehenden Projekten sie mitarbeiten wollen – oder können eigene Projekte für Geflüchtete ins Leben rufen.

UNC student poster competition
Energy summit in the USA: success for KIT student

Benjamin Hauck is studying at the KIT and currently in exchange at UNC Charlotte in North Carolina, USA. At the Energy Summit at Appalachian State University, his poster was voted among the best. The Appalachian Magazine has portrayed him.

Bild einer Kasse
Tuition fees for international students from winter semester 2017/18 onwards

From the winter semester 2017/2018 onwards, tuition fees of 1,500 euros per semester for international students are to be introduced at the universities in Baden-Württemberg.

International students with EU citizenship are able to study without paying fees

For further information please visit our corresponding page and the Ministry's website.

Information for Refugees on Youtube
Information for Refugees About Studying at KIT Education at KIT is aiming at scientifically training young people in research oriented fields and acquiring interdisciplinary competences. A special program is addressing refugee students.

On Youtube you can find videos in Arabic introducing the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and its auditing program and giving other useful information about studying at KIT and its offered study programs.

Youtube Channel
Funding for refugees

The federal programme "University Guarantee Funds" offers consultancy for immigrants who want to continue their academic career in Germany. They offer assistance in the choise of studies or application and admission procedures. Refugees, late repatriates and jewish immigrants, who are under the age of 30, also have the chance of financial funding in order to support their studies.

About the programme

Flyer: German, English, Arabic
Deutsch-Chilenisches Masterprogramm
Deutsch-chilenisches Masterprogramm Regionalwissenschaft/ Raumplanung

KIT offers a German-Chilean Masters program in the field of regional sciences with a focus on natural risks and catastrophy prevention in cooperation with Universidad de Concepción (UdeC) in Concepción, Chile.
Application deadline is September 30 every year.
The IfR is looking for highly motivated applicants who have obtained their B.Sc. or B.A.
Applicants should speak German and Spanish because you will be studying two semesters in Karlsruhe and Concepción each.

Neuregelung: Förderung von Ausländern in BMBF-finanzierten DAAD-Programmen

Es gibt eine Neuregelung in Bezug auf die Förderungsmöglichkeit von ausländischen Staatsangehörigen in BMBF-finanzierten DAAD-Programmen:

Gefördert werden können nun auch ausländischen Studenten, die in das deutsche Hochschulsystem integriert sind.

Diese Neuregelung gilt ab 2015.

Weitere Information


Energy Technologies (ENTECH) is a generic master programme in the KIC InnoEnergy Master School.  It is a programme for engineering students wanting to create the energy technologies of the future.