Participating in a BIP

Information for students and staff

The steps you need to take if you wish to participate in a BIP are listed below. Participation in BIPs is only eligible for funding if the attendance phase takes place abroad. Attendance phases in Germany are not eligible for funding.

For staff: If you would like to participate in a BIP, please contact the IStO in advance to find out whether funding is available for staff mobility. Please send your inquiries to Ms. Geißelmann via staffmobility∂

Students who have registered with a BIP via their KIT faculty will be asked by the IStO to register on Mobility Online. There they must fill out an application and upload various documents. These include:

  • a digital learning agreement (DLA)
  • an OLS language certificate (Online Language Support)
  • a safety briefing
  • sworn statements on top-ups (green travel and specific conditions)
  • a Grant Agreement (GA or funding agreement)

You will be guided through this process step by step in Mobility Online. Further information on the required documents can be found here.


Students who meet the eligibility criteria and have uploaded all relevant documents will receive funding in the following amounts for the duration of the BIP:

  • Day 1-14: 79€ per day
  • Day 15-30: 56€ per day

Under certain conditions, students can apply for top-ups. These are queried in Mobility Online. Information the top-up criteria for students with specific conditions can be found here (see special funding). The amount of the top-ups is:

  • 100€ for BIPs with less than 15 days
  • 150€ for BIPs with more than 15 days

A distinction must be made between students with or without a top-up.

Students without a top-up do not receive a travel allowance. However, they can apply for green travel. This means that they have to travel to the BIP without a car or plane. In this case, they receive a one time payment of 50€ and up to four daily rates for additional travel days. The daily rate for travel days is

  • 79€ per day for BIPs with less than 15 days
  • 56€ per day for BIPs with 15 or more days

Students with Top-Up receive a travel allowance that is higher if they opt for green travel. Here too, up to four additional travel days of 79€ or 56€ can be applied for (see above). The amount of the travel allowance can be found in the following table:

Travel distance Standard travel Green travel
10 - 99 km 23 Euro -
100 - 499 km 180 Euro 210 Euro
500 - 1999 km 275 Euro 320 Euro
2000 - 2999 km 360 Euro 410 Euro
3000 - 3999 km 530 Euro 610 Euro
4000 - 7999 820 Euro -
8000 km or more 1500 Euro -


At this point, we are talking about lecturers in the BIP sense. If you are involved in a BIP as a lecturer, you do not count as a mobile participant. Therefore, you will not be eligible for funding via the BIP. Instead, you can apply for Erasmus+ staff mobility