Attention: Your application is only valid once all documents have been stamped and signed by your home university and completely uploaded into our online platform.

Application Deadlines:
June 1 for the Winter Semester or the whole academic year
December 1 for the Summer Semester  

  1. After nomination of your home university, you will receive an email with information on our online application procedure.
  2. After submitting your data online, please start preparing your Learning Agreement and check it with your home university coordinator. You can find instructions regarding courses at KIT under "course selection".
  3. In addition, you should obtain a German language certificate stating your German level at your home university or a language school (cf. “Requirements”). A simple certificate of attendance is not sufficient.
  4. If you plan to attend English-taught lectures, you should also obtain an English language certificate.
  5. Please print out of the KIT application form and initiate a digital learning agreement in your home university's system. The application form and the digital learning agreement must be signed by you and the ERASMUS coordinator of your home university. In addition, please upload a screenshot of the DLA as a PDF to Mobility Online.
  6. Once your application documents are uploaded completely, the two steps evaluation process will start:
    • Erasmus team at IStO will check if all the necessary formalities have been completed (signatures, required documents)
    • then our departmental coordinators will evaluate your learning agreement and your language proficiency
  7. As soon as you have been accepted by the departmental coordinators, an e-mail will be sent to you and an admission letter along with further information regarding enrolment at KIT (cf. "Preparation") can be downloaded from the portal. This will happen mid-July for admission for the winter semester or by the end of January for the summer semester.

Students with special needs

KIT welcomes students with disabilities, but asks them to contact the International Students Office as soon as possible, so that special care can be taken during preparation.

If you have any questions regarding the application and admission process, please do not hesitate to send an email to erasmus-in∂intl kit edu.