Extension of your Stay


We are glad to know that you are enjoying your time at KIT and like to extend you stay!
To extend your stay, please inform the International Students Office by the end of June (for the winter semester) or end of December (Summer Semester) at the latest.

If your Home university agrees to your extension, please ask them to send a confirmation email to the International Students Office. After your home university confirms the extension of your stay, you need to login in our Mobility Online portal and indicate that you wish to study for one more semester at KIT.

For the extension of your Stay you will need the following documents:

  • Enrollment certificate from your home university for the period you want to extend your stay (Please notice that you should stay enrolled at your home university for the entire duration of your stay at KIT!) uploaded to the Mobility Online portal
  • A new learning agreement signed and stamped from your home university sent by email to overseas-in∂intl.kit.edu.

Important Notes:

  • Ask the coordinator of your home university if he/she would accept the extension of your stay at KIT. He/she should send us a confirmation email.
  • When the first steps are fulfilled, we are going to ask the coordinator at the KIT department if he/she agrees about the extension of your stay.
  • For the second semester at KIT you need to pay 87,70 EUR
  • Please also note that from the 3rd semester, you will have to pay tuition fees in the amount of 1,500 EUR per semester. 

Further arrangements:

  • Extension of your health insurance
  • Extension of your residence permit (if necessary)
  • Accommodation: If you live in the student dormitory HaDiKo, please write an email to international∂hadiko.de to ask if you could stay one more semester in your room


If you were already admission for more than one semester, you still need to re-register for the following semester. This achieved through the campus system.

During re-registration, the semester fees must be paid on time.

The deadlines for the re-registration are:

 For the summer semester:
01/15 - 02/15

For the winter semester:
07/01 - 08/15

After paying the semester fees you can download your certificate of enrollment on this KIT website