Alumni, Ambassadors of KIT in the world

Alumni clubs in all regions of the world reveal the bonds of the alumni with KIT. KIT cultivates the relations with his alumni, who often act as ambassadors of KIT.
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KIT alumni promote their alma mater in many places of the world. They take part in alumni clubs or place students of KIT in internships, they go to German schools and talk about studying at KIT und living in Karlsruhe, they support local KIT events and meet frequently for joint activities.

KIT delivers information and material to his alumni in foreign countries. Furthermore, KIT integrates them in his international activities. 

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Alumni-Treffen 2019KIT
Alumni Meeting June 27-29, 2019

Celebrate with us your reunion with your alma mater as well as old and new acquaintances.

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Alumni ChileINTL
Researcher Alumni Meet for Discussion in Chile

Conference on Renewable Energies Focused on Exchange with KIT Alumni.

KIT ZeitgeistINTL
KIT ZEITGEIST in Silicon Valley

On September 18, the event "Enterprising for a Better Globe" took place in Santa Clara.

KIT-Alumni beim Empfang im Generalkonsulat San Francisco
KIT alumni in Consulate General San Francisco

In mid-January, the German Consulate General in San Francisco held a New Year's Reception.

Alumna receives Excellence Award from DFH

Marlène Dorbach, architecture alumna, receives the Excell-ence Award of the German-French University (DFH) 2018.

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Vice President Welcoming Alumni Club in Chile

In the course of visiting three partner universities in Chile, Thomas Hirth met a group of KIT Alumni.   

Alumni in Chile
Humboldt Foundation Supports Concept by KIT

Autumn 2018, KIT organizes a seminar for Research Alumni in Santiago de Chile. The focus is on renewable energy.

Seminar in Silicon Valley
Connected: Alumni Seminar in Silicon Valley

25 Alumni networked and took part in an exciting program. They visited companies and universities.