Application for a Master's degree course

EU applicants and Non-EU applicants both apply for a Master’s program using the Online-Portal of KIT of the International Students Office. Please upload all required documents as PDF in the portal. You will not need to send in copies of your documents via mail. On this page, you can find information on the specific requirements that you should fulfill and the documents you have to enclose with your application. In case you have further questions, please check the FAQs for more detailed information.

Information provided here only applies to applicants for a Master's program with EU-citizenship and Non-EU-citizenship (even with German Bachelor degree).
Germans with foreign education certificates please refer to the websites of Studierendenservice (only in German).

The application deadlines of your respective study program can be found here: 

Documents for application:
  • Bachelor degree certificate in the original language and official translation. If not graduated yet please submit enrolment certificate with expected date of completition in the original language and official translation.
  • transcript of records / exam results of the studies (with information regarding content and extend, for example, credit points or number of hours per week of the course) in the original language and official translation. In case an official diploma supplement is issued please submit the diploma supplement also.
  • extensive course descriptions (for example Modulhandbuch) for the mandatory courses mentioned in the degree program details
  • for some Master's programs internship certificates, please check for further degree program details
  • proof of language skills, please check information language skills on this website below
  • for some Master's programs additional documents are mandatory (for example motivation letter, recommendation letter....), please check degree program details
  • only in case of previous study in Germany: please check information on change of university
  • applicants from certain countries have to submit additional documents, please check information below
Program-specific admission requirements

KIT offers a wide range of Master's degree courses. For each individual course of studies, specific minimum requirements must be met. You can check whether you fulfill the program-specific requirements in the degree program details

Please note: several courses of studies have restricted admission (NC).

The decision regarding your admission is dependent on the general eligibility check by the International Students Office (IStO) and the program-specific eligibility check by the selection committee of the respective department. The decision made by the selection committee depends substantially on the content of your previous undergraduate studies as well as on the grades you achieved.

Language skills

German Master's course
To attend a German Master's course you have to provide proof of German language proficiency.

For application, you should have proof of German language proficiency at the medium level B1. All certificates are accepted. We do also accept a confirmation of participation in a B1 course.

For enrollment, you have to submit the DSH2 or a German language certificate accepted as an equivalent:

  • DSH2 (only DSH Exams accredited by HRK)
  • Test DaF 4444 (Minimum 4x4)
  • German Language Test as part of Feststellungsprüfung (assessment test at preparatory college)
  • Goethe Certificate C2
  • DSD II (German Language Diploma awarded by Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule

Exemption from proof of language: Holders of a secondary school diploma from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the German-speaking community in the Kingdom of Belgium, maturity diploma of the schools with German as language of instruction from the autonomous province of Bozen, but also graduates of bilingual secondary schools, which end with a bilingual German examination.

English language Master's course
To attend an English language Master's course you have to provide proof of sufficient English language proficiency. There is no general English language requirement among the English taught courses. Please check the information available in the statute of your preferred course.

Further information can be found in our Master's courses overview.

Preparatory German course at Studienkolleg

If you have not yet entirely fulfilled the language requirements for a Master's course taught in German, you have the possibility to apply for a preparatory course at the Studienkolleg. Please indicate in your online application for your Master's course that you want to participate in the German language course. You will receive an invitation to the preparatory course if your application for your course of studies is approved.

The application deadline is July 15 for the winter term and January 15 for the summer term. Even if the deadline for your chosen course of studies is later than this date, only the earlier date is valid for participating in the German language course. Applications received after the deadline cannot receive an invitation to the preparatory language course.
Please note: we issue invitations for the entrance exam for one degree course only. In case you have received the invitation for one degree course we do not issue an additional invitation for an additional application.

Entrance exam
To attend the preparatory German language course at Studienkolleg you will need to pass an entrance exam. To pass this test, you should at least have achieved  B1-B2-level German. The best candidates will then join the language course and prepare for the Test-DaF exam. You receive the date for the entrance exam with your admission. Please note: we have only a limited number of places for the language course. Therefore, we encourage you to also search for alternative language courses.

After the language course
After completing your German language course you will have to apply again for a course of studies in the following semester! If you are applying for a course of studies with restricted admission (NC), you will have to again participate in the selection procedure. Please note: admission is not guaranteed. Even when re-applying for a program without restricted admission (without NC) your application might be rejected due to changes in the program-specific requirements. For more information about the language courses at Studienkolleg, please visit the website.

TastDaF exam at KIT

Digital TestDaF examinations are held several times a year at the KIT Test Centre. 
Some exam dates are reserved for participants in exam preparation courses (D courses).
In addition, applicants who have received an admission to study at KIT with the requirement to present the TestDaF (or one of the recognised equivalents) at the time of enrolment can take part in these dates. 

On request and depending on availability, applicants with an admission to the subject-related studies can also take part in examination dates for interns.

More info 


You can only register for the TestDaF examination online and with a reservation code which you will receive from the TestDaF examination officer (adisa.kadic∂ at the beginning of the registration period. With the registration code, which is valid for 48 hours, you will receive a request for payment by e-mail directly from the TestDaF Institute. The course fee is currently 195 EUR and must be paid within 48 hours.


Please note: There is only a limited number of examination places, therefore allocation is made in the order of registration. This means that not everyone who has received admission from KIT can take part in the digital TestDaF examination. There is no entitlement to take part in the examination! Therefore, take care of alternative exams (e.g. DSH, Telc C1 Hochschule) in time.

Country-specific requirements

Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia are required to enclose the original APS-certificate in their application.

Important: KIT does not accept Group APS-certificates. APS-certificates also have to be current. The subsequent certification of your undergraduate studies has to be provided by the application deadline. In case you already graduated KIT only accepts APS for the completed Bachelor. If you have already received an APS-certificate while studying, you can apply for recertification from the APS. This also has to be submitted by the application deadline.

Study Costs

International students (from third countries/non-EU countries) attending bachelor’s, teacher’s, and consecutive master’s programs as well as free movers will have to pay tuition fees in the amount of EUR 1,500 per semester as from the 2017/2018 winter semester. For further information please see: tuition fees

Tuition fees for international students in the amount of 1.500 EUR are not charged for the preparatory German language course at Studienkolleg. For the preparatory language course separate fees are charged. For further information see here: Studienkolleg.

Admission and acceptance of the study place

You will receive an email notification about the outcome of your application. The condition is that all documents arrive in time. Please log in to the application portal once you receive the notification – you can download the notice there. Please consider the corresponding application number.

In case you received an admission letter, you have to accept your study place in the application portal. Otherwise, the place will be given to other applicants. Please see also our page for enrollment.