University Group of Amnesty International (AI) Karlsruhe

We are the university group of Amnesty International (AI) in the Karlsruhe area!
Our actions often take place at the South Campus of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, but we are also active in the city center and at schools in the surrounding area and work closely with the other Amnesty groups in the Karlsruhe district. During the lecture period, we hold our monthly letter-writing session (BSS), which can be described as AI's "classic" human rights work. In addition, we plan information events in the form of lectures with external speakers or film evenings; draw attention to human rights violations with public actions such as flash mobs or installations; organize information booths in the Karlsruhe area; educate children and young people at schools about human rights and related issues; network with (AI) youth groups from other cities; hold internal workshops and continue our education on human rights issues or current world-political topics.

More information about (AI) can be found here: Amnesty International HSG Karlsruhe

Contact: amnesty does-not-exist.lists kit edu