Examples for regular events:

Events for registered Buddies

Events for registered Buddies

Getting-know-each-other events, excursions to cities and nature, informative events, game nights, sporty events, intercultural workshops, pub crawls, rallies, quizes, escape rooms, …

More details: Buddy-Events

Examples for public events:

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Creative Workshop - in HipHop Culture

Creative Workshop - in HipHop Culture
in Kooperation mit ZAK

Expand your intercultural skills and your media competence! Hip Hop songwriting / poetry / rhythm and melody / graffiti.
Find YOUR artistic element in October 2021, the Heartbeat-BUS was at KIT. The first walk-in mobile film, photo, and sound studio transformed a regular seminar room into a stage of diversity, into a multimedia meeting place.

More details 
Workshop results to follow

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Digital Running-Challenge: KIT Run

Digital Running-Challenge: KIT Run

KIT runs: Students and employees of KIT were invited to participate in a digital running challenge. In three categories - BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED – many attractive prizes were raffled, amongst them colorful sports packages and non-cash prizes from EPiCUR universities

More details: Digital Running Challenge: KIT Run 2021
Closing report: Results: KIT-Run 2021


Excursion destinations and activities in the region

The International Buddy Programme and the University of Stuttgart have conducted a joint survey and used the results to create a ranking list of the best day trip destinations and leisure activities in the region.

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