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  • Subjektive Eindrücke von Studierenden der besuchten Hochschulen.
  • Sollen dazu dienen, ein grobes Bild vom Austausch zu geben und bei der Vorbereitung zu helfen.
  • Berichte sind keinesfalls als offizielle Bewertung des KIT zu verstehen.

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Read Reports & Testimonies

KIT student have tried to describe their personal and subjective impressions during their stay a foreign university in the followin reports. The information given can help KIT students who are thinking about going abroad to gather information. However these reports are in no case official statements and/or evaluations by KIT.

Please click on the continent you are interested in to get tot he respective reports.

Create reports

All students who have been abroad through the Erasmus or Overseas programmes or who are PROMOS scholarship holders are obliged to prepare a report after completion of the measure.

Erasmus students must produce a personal experience report, which can be downloaded from Mobility Online. The field report is prepared using the template and then uploaded to Mobility-Online and the "Field Report Database". Please read the section "Experience Report Database" below.

Overseas students and PROMOS scholarship holders create their own personal experience report. Here you can pass on your experiences as well as draw your personal conclusions from your stay. The field report is prepared using this form and then uploaded to Mobility-Online.

ATTENTION: Students who started abroad before February 2019 and did not submit their application via Mobility-Online upload their report to the "Database of Experience Reports".

Database of experience reports

Portal for uploading reports

The reports are uploaded as PDF in the "Database of Experience Reports". In order to upload the PDF, a new registration is required - the name and password of your Erasmus or overseas application are not valid here. Please do not forget to click on "Send" in the menu after uploading the report, otherwise it will not be saved and will not be displayed!

Note: Please make sure that...

  • when uploading your report, the file name is not changed by us. If the report is to be published anonymously by us, please do not include any references to your person in the file name or in the report itself - if you follow this, you can be sure that your name will not appear.
  • Your criticism doesn't attack anyone personally. Therefore, for example, refrain from mentioning unloved lecturers by name. We cannot and will not publish personally defamatory texts.
  • When uploading your report, you agree to both the declaration of consent and the publication of your report.