Essential information

The Welcome & Integration Team has created a video series ”Start of Studies for Internationals“  (Studienstart International am KIT). This video series includes the most important information for your start at KIT and your arrival in Karlsruhe. It is available on the ILIAS platform. As soon as you have a KIT account, you can log in to ILIAS, click ”Internationales“ (at the bottom of the list), then click ”Studienstart International“. Furthermore, we offer different Welcome and Information Formats in the period between 15.03. and 09.04.2021. 

If you are an admitted student, but do not yet have access to ILIAS, you can request temporary access from Gjorgji Risteski by stating your application number. We will try to send you a registration code (for temporary access) and instructions within one working day.

As soon as you have registered, please join the course “Studienstart International (regular students) // Start of Studies for Internationals (degree seeking students)”. The course can be found far down in the “magazine” list, under "International" or under the following link. This procedure is only necessary once. Afterwards you can access the content directly via the links in the program on our website.


Please click on the formats to see the details and to access the link to the registration.


Further offers

Orientation Week
Most of the student bodies of the faculties offer an Orientation Week before the start of the lectures. Here you can get to know your future fellow students. Registration at AStA's website. 

Campus Management Portal for Students
The Campus Management Portal for Students is KIT's online student service portal. Here, you can download enrollment certificates, the-KVV pass for public transportation, do your re-enrollment before the start of each semester, communicate address changes to us etc. In case you have questions about how to use the portal, you can find answers inour manual (PDF), which contains helpful explanations to the most important questions.

Newsletter for international students
We send the newsletter about 2-3 times in the semester. The newsletter containts information about events of the International Students Office and general information about the studies. Registration for the newsletter.

Students with refugee status
Information for students with refugee status can be found here. Students can gladly turn to the coordination office for refugees and migrants at KIT under migrants∂ and schedule a meeting. A contact person is available at the Studierendenwerk as well.