Safety and health

Here you can find general information regarding the topic of safety, such as work safety, environmental safety etc. Furthermore you can find the different contacts of interest for further questions. These websites are only accessible in the KIT-Intranet. (EN/DE) (EN/DE)

Summary of information about general safety. 

Here you can find information about emergencies, such as a fire. You can also find information about lab safety. Usually there are specific rules for lab safety in the different laboratories and departments. For this reason we highly recommend you to ask your lab supervisor for specific information. This website is only accessible in the KIT-Intranet.

Here you can find different advisory services for topics such as general study, psychological support, disabilities in your study and a general health blog.

Student advisory services (EN/DE)

Psychological support (EN/DE)

Advisory service for study with a disability (EN/DE)

Health blog with general advice (DE)

List of contacts about study and health related problems (EN/DE)

Here you can find all information regarding data protection (EN/DE)

Here you can find all information in case you experience discrimination or want to engage in doing something against it.

Here you can find safety topics in alphabetical glossary (DE)