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Excellence lives on exchange and networking among the best researchers worldwide. That is why we want to invite you to join us in a new lecture series, International Excellence Talks, where internationally renowned scientists will give insights into their current research topics and, ideally, inspire a broad audience of scholars. This monthly event will include a 30-minute keynote lecture and a platform for networking and informal exchange among researchers with a wide range of interests. Recordings of previous talks can be found on the KIT International Excellence Talks YouTube Channel.

Multidisciplinary Design and Analysis of Multifunctional Lightweight Systems by Prof. Dr. Kamran Behdinan

On Thursday, 14 July 2022 at 5:00 PM (CEST) the 12th International Excellence Talk will take place. Prof. Dr. Kamran Behdinan will present his insights on the topic “Multidisciplinary Design and Analysis of Multifunctional Lightweight Systems”.

Prof. Dr. Kamran Behdinan
KIT International Excellence Fellow (2022)


  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Chair of Syllabi and Board member of the Canadian Engineering Qualification Board – Engineers Canada
  • Recipient of many prestigious awards and recognitions such as the Research Fellow of Pratt and Whitney Canada and Fellows of the CSME, ASME, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, EIC, AAAS, as well as Associate Fellow of AIAA
  • Holder of the title Principal Investigator from the Connaught Global Challenge Award for his outstanding contributions to Advanced Technology for Energy Harvesting in Biomedical Device Applications (2021)
  • Holder of the ASME Ruth and Joel Spira Outstanding Design Educator Award (2022)
  • International Excellence Fellow at Institute of Product Engineering (IPEK), KIT (2022)

In industrial product development, the importance of design flexibility, individualization and load-compliant design of component geometry is steadily increasing due to increasing emission regulations. These design requirements can be achieved by implementing advanced manufacturing (AM) processes, such as additive manufacturing, to produce near-net-shape geometries. Given the versatility of AM, there are still numerous pathways which are unexplored to improve the overall outcome of the process. Integrating Topology Optimization (TO) and Health Monitoring (HM) methodologies into the Additive Manufacturing Process, one can easily give shape to Advanced, Lightweight, Structures which would vastly improvise current trends and methods. In this presentation, advanced techniques in design and analysis of lightweight structures will be discussed. It will summarize major research projects conducted in intelligent manufacturing and lightweight structures at the UofT ARL-MLS.

The event will be held via Zoom. In order to participate, just click on this Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 669 4642 1296).
No registration is necessary. After the keynote lecture, we invite you to join the informal discussion with Prof. Behdinan and other participants.

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Date and Time
Thursday, 14 July 2022 at 5:00 PM (CEST) 

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In case you have any questions or would like to receive updates on topics, lecturers and more, please send us an email to ieg∂
The lecture series is organized by the International Scholars and Welcome Office (IScO) of KIT in the framework of the International Excellence Grants Program with funds granted to the University of Excellence concept “The Research University in the Helmholtz Association I Living the Change” in cooperation with the Humboldt-Regional Group Karlsruhe-Pforzheim.