Partner Universities

KIT maintains contacts with approx. 200 partner universities in most of the countries participating in the ERASMUS+ program. Please note that only partner universities that have an ERASMUS+ agreement with your KIT faculty or department are eligible for you. You can get an overview of the faculty-specific cooperations within the framework of ERASMUS+ on our portal. There you can also find and read the latest experience reports. General information on the host countries can also be found on the DAAD website.

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Here you will find our university partnerships and experience reports from previous semesters abroad.

to the partnerships

1. select or type in your KIT faculty. You can only apply for exchange places from your KIT faculty!

2. select the exchange program (for Erasmus à Erasmus-SMS, for Switzerland à SEMP).

3. if desired, you can also filter by country and/or by study program. The study program is only absolutely relevant for students of the KIT Faculty of BGU, the KIT Faculty of Chemistry and Biosciences, Sports Sciences and Art History. In all other cases, the contracts are concluded for all degree programs of the respective KIT faculty.

4. click on the handshake symbol to see the information on the respective contract/agreement. The "i" only shows the information about the institutions.

For technical reasons, only the current academic year is offered for selection, but the exchanges are usually valid for longer.