Partner universities

KIT has more than 200 partner universities  within Europe. You can only apply for Erasmus destinations having an Erasmus agreement with your KIT Department or your KIT subject area. Erasmus cooperations with each KIT Department are available here. Besides, you can find the newest students' reports about their experience abroad on the same platform.

How to use the information portal regarding the partner universities

1. Select your KIT Department. Remember that you can only apply for an Erasmus/SEMP spots related to your KIT Department!

2. Select the exchange program (Erasmus-SMS for Erasmus+, SEMP for Switzerland).

3. If needed, you can filter for countries and/or study programs. The selection of a study program is necessary for KIT students of one of the following departments: KIT Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences, KIT Department of Chemistry and Biosciences and the study programs Art History and Sports Science. For every other KIT Department, the agreements are valid for every study program offered within the Department.

4. Click on the handshake symbol for information regarding the agreements and the available spots. The “i” icon shows only the institution data.

For technical reasons, please select the current academic year. However, exchange possibilities usually are valid for a longer period.