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After your Arrival

Health Insurance 

It is mandatory to have health insurance coverage to enrol and study at a German university. This means that you will have to provide a certificate of health insurance or a health insurance waiver in order to enrol at KIT. We recommend checking with your health insurance in your home country whether you have coverage in Germany for the duration of your studies at KIT.

Students who have a private health insurance that is valid in Germany
If you are covered by a private health insurance in your home country that is also valid in Germany, you need to obtain a written confirmation of your health insurance provider (either in German or English) in your home country that states that

• you have health insurance

• it is valid in Germany

• it provides you with sufficient insurance coverage (unlimited coverage)

Please note that regular travel health insurance cannot be accepted, since it does not cover your study stay of at least one semester!

Once you are in Germany, you will have to contact a German statutory health insurance and obtain a health insurance waiver.

If you have a private health insurance, you will have to pay for any necessary health treatment yourself and claim the money back from the health insurance provider in your home country. Please note that your health insurance might only cover the costs according to common treatment rates in your home country. In that case, if the treatment is more expensive in Germany, you will have to pay the difference yourself.

For students who need to take out insurance in Germany

You have the choice between taking out statutory or private health insurance. If you are younger than 30, a statutory health insurance for students will cost around 110 € at any of the German health insurance companies. Private health insurance is usually more expensive and you have to pay treatments in advance before being reimbursed.

Please note: Once you have taken out private health insurance in Germany, you will not be allowed to change to a statutory health insurance.

The student health cover only becomes valid with the start of the semester (on October 1st or April 1st) and with your enrolment at KIT. Thus, we recommend to take out travel health insurance for the first weeks of your stay in Karlsruhe, until all paperwork has been dealt with.

If you are a DAAD scholarship holder, health insurance is provided directly through the DAAD.

For students who are 30 years or older and for PhD students You are no longer entitled to student insurance rates from German statutory health insurance companies, so you will have to compare various companies and decide which insurance company is best for you.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers more information about health insurance in Germany.


Registration at the City of Karlsruhe 

You need to register at the city Karlsruhe (Bürgerbüro/Einwohnermeldeamt) within two weeks after moving in your apartment. Please note that you also have to notify the Bürgerbüro/Einwohnermeldeamt each time you change your place of residence in Germany. All new students registering in the city of Karlsruhe for the first time receive a welcome package offered by the city council. The package includes a one-off voucher for the Student transportation card (Studikarte) that covers one semester, shopping vouchers and much more.

To register at the city Karlsruhe and to apply for the welcome package you need the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport 
  • Copy of residence permit or visa
  • Anmelddung bei der Meldebehörde (Meldeschein) / Registration Form for the Registration Office
  • Wohnungsgeberbestätigung / Landlord Certificate (This form should be filled by your landlord and not you)
  • Antrag für Begrüßungspaket / Application for Welcome Package
  • Immatrikulationsbescheinigung / Certificate of enrollment 

You can find all the forms under the name: Formulare. Unfortunately, only the form for the welcome package is in English, the other forms are in German.

You can send the filled documents to the following office by post:

  • Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt, Bürgerbüro, Kaiserallee 8, 76133 Karlsruhe

The Buergerbüro will send you a confirmation per Email or post once your files have been completely/successfully procced along with information for your appointment, so that you could receive your registration confirmation, a new address label for your identity documents. The Welcome Package will then be sent to you by a commissioned bicycle courier.

You can only enter to the building shortly before your appointment time. That is why it is recommended to come at least 10 minutes earlier to the registration office.


Residence Permit and Visa 

All Non-EU exchange students should either have a valid residence permit for studying purposes or a visa that covers the whole exchange period. This means that if your visa expires before the end of your exchange stay you will need to apply for a residence permit for studying purposes before the expiry date of your visa.    

For the application at the Foreigners Office you should assemble the following documents (copies): 

  • Filled-in form available here  (choose "Formulare" then "Antrag auf Erteilung einer Aufenthaltserlaubnis") 
  • Biometric picture
  • Copy of your passport including your current visa for Germany if applicable
  • Confirmation of your registration as a resident of Karlsruhe
  • Copy of your rental application form/rental contract
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover all expenses during your stay in Germany (at least 853.00 € monthly). Such proof includes: bank statement, official statement of your scholarship or a “Verpflichtungserklärung”
  • “Zulassungsbescheid” (Letter of Admission)
  • Rental contract
  • Proof of health insurance including a copy of your health insurance policy  

To book an appointment, please:

•    Go to this site 
•    Tick „Beantragung Aufenthaltserlaubnis“
•    Personenzahl “1“
•    Click “Termin vereinbaren”
•    Choose one of the green boxes in the calendar (“Termin frei”= slot available)
•    Write down your personal details (first name, surname, date of birth and e-mail
•    address)
•    Click “Terminanfrage senden”
•    A confirmation will be sent to you by email 
•    Be on time at the appointment and bring along your documents (due to hygiene regulations regarding COVID-19 you will to wear a mask wait outside the building and the corresponding worker will guide you to the correct office)

If you are facing any difficulties preventing you from booking an appointment or applying for a residence permit. It very important to contact the foreigner’s office before the expiry date of your visa. 


Ausländerbehörde Karlsruhe

Kaiserallee 8

76124 Karlsruhe

Telefon 115

E-Mail: abhGoc9∂oa karlsruhe de,

Telefon 115


Opening a Bank Account 

When you arrive in Germany, we recommend to open a bank account to transfer the semester contribution necessary for your rent, your accommodation, the contribution for the health insurance and/or the language course fee.

To open a bank account in Germany, you will need (original and copy):

• Your Passport/ID Card

• A permanent address in Germany

• Your Student ID or enrollment certificate (if already available)

• A copy of your residence permit (if already available)

• Your tax ID (“Steuer-Identifikationsnummer”) sent to you by post after registration at the city of Karlsruhe.

If you need any help regarding this matter, please write an email to ophase∂  

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