Sports at KIT

The Hochschulsport (university sports) at KIT offers a variety of sports courses and classes that include nearly every sport you could imagine.

To participate in these courses, you will need to enroll about two weeks before the start of classes. Keep an eye on the dates the registration is starting, because some of the courses tend to be completely booked really quick.

Before signing up for any of the sports course, you need to pay a basic fee of 10€ called “Semestersockelbeitrag”. After that you can book as many courses as you like. Usually the courses itself then also costs a small amount of about 10€. The cost might be higher, if special equipment is provided.

You will find all the information about the sports offered, registration dates and cost on the Website of the Hochschulsport

Apart from the sport courses the KIT also offers a gym and a small indoor swimming pool for its students. You can use these without classes. The pool costs 2€ of entry for the gym you can book an abo for the semester (currently 150€).

If you are looking for a more professional attempt at some team sports, with multiple trainings a week and competitions on the weekend, check out KITs very own sports club, KIT SC.