Akademischen Filmkreis Karlsruhe e.V.

We from the Akademischer Filmkreis Karlsruhe e.V. are a group of students who have made it our mission to run a cinema for our fellow students in a university lecture hall with 250 seats.

Thanks to digital 4K projection, 35mm film projection and surround sound, we are able to meet the standards of commercial cinemas for our film screenings in the Hertz lecture theatre. Among other things, our projectors are capable of reproducing four-channel magnetic sound, which is otherwise only possible in Karlsruhe at the Schauburg. As a cinema organised on a voluntary basis by students for students, we only charge a small entrance fee, which is almost entirely reinvested in technology and film procurement.

In contrast to a cinematheque or a cinema that is dedicated to the art of film, we do not want to serve a specific target group among cinema-goers, but try to put together a film programme that is as interesting as it is entertaining for as wide a circle of students in Karlsruhe as possible.

In addition to selected highlights from recent years, we present well-known classics and organise special events such as short film evenings or screenings of controversial films. Anyone who watches all the films in our semester-long programmes will always experience a small journey through the colourful and diverse world of cinema. The films are as diverse as the genres from which we choose them.

In order to introduce you to unknown directors and young talents beyond the established filmmakers, we present a short film as a supporting film for each screening.

Further information can be found here  Akademischer Filmkreis Karlsruhe e.V. - Unikino Karlsruhe (afk-filmkreis.de)

Contact: vorstand∂afk.kit.edu