Checklist for the Admission of International Researchers with an Employment Contract at KIT

Please complete the following steps in the order given:

IMPORTANT: Foreign trade law examination or initiation of the same for third-country nationals

Who is responsible? The host institution

Who is concerned? International researchers from a non-EU country or a non-EU 001 country (Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland including Liechtenstein, United States of America)
When? Right at the beginning of planning a job at KIT
 Wer prüft? DE RECHT unterstützt und erteilt fachliche Auskünfte
Prerequisite for:
 - Stay at KIT
- Conclusion (if necessary) of the Hosting Agreement (see explanation below)
Note on Equivalence Checking
If an equivalence check of the foreign degree is required for employment at KIT, you can submit an equivalence request to the International Students Office (IStO).
Further information on how to apply for an equivalence check can be found on the Intranet under Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications (only in German). 
Reference to the possibility of requesting Welcome Services via Mobility Online 

International researchers with an employment contract have the option of requesting digital welcome services. This requires a registration at Mobility Online. After registration, international researchers with an employment contract at KIT can request various support services, e.g. from ISCO, directly via their user account. 
If persons from a third country (non-EU citizens) need an Hosting Agreement (see below) to apply for a visa, this will also be made available as a download via the user account. 
When? Before the start of employment at KIT
In certain cases: Invitation letter from the institute for third-country nationals
Depending on the requirements of the respective German diplomatic mission abroad, future international employees may need a letter of invitation to apply for a visa. This should contain the following information:

1. name as in the passport
2. date and place of birth of the guest
3. planned scientific activity ("description of activity")
4. duration of stay
5. name of the institute and host
6. type of funding


If you have any questions, please contact IScO.

Hosting Agreement for the visa application for third-country nationals 
What has to be done? For persons from third countries (non-EU citizens), a Hosting Agreement can be concluded for the visa application.
An important part of the Hosting Agreement is the description of the planned academic activities ("researcher's activity") of your future international employee.
If they register via the online form on Mobility Online, the contact person of the host institute specified there will receive a request by e-mail via the ISCO function mailbox, in which they can enter and send the researcher's activity via a link in the e-mail.
Please note that this description of the planned academic activities must be prepared by an authorized person. For this purpose, the e-mail can be forwarded if the contact person specified in the online application form is unable to provide information on the content of the planned academic activity. 
Who issues the Hosting Agreement ? Once all relevant data including the job description have been entered by the host institute, IScO completes the Hosting Agreement and makes it available to the researcher as a download via Mobility Online in the user account.
Please note:
No Hosting Agreement can be concluded without approval under foreign trade law.


What else is important: 

Support in finding accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area is very difficult, especially from abroad. Therefore, the search should be started as early as possible. It can be very helpful if you and your team as the host institution accompany and support this search.
General information on finding accommodation can also be found in the Accommodation and Support - Info Sheet.
Information for New Employees: KIT Account, Employee ID Card and Deutschlandticket Job

In order to provide new employees with the best possible start at work, the SCC has compiled information on how to set up a KIT account.
Information on the KIT employee ID card can be found in the KIT Card Portal.
PSE provides information about the subsidy for the Deutschlandticket Job
Arriving in Karlsruhe and at KIT - information on social events
The monthly IScO newsletter provides information about joint activities such as excursions and information events for internationals to network. You, your team and of course your employees are welcome!