Arrival and living in Karlsruhe:

If you have not received any information yet, please contact the respective dormitory directly.

The O-Phase is organized by the students group of ESN Karlsruhe in cooperation with the International Students Office (IStO) and with the help of 60 to 80 local students volunteering to be your tutors.

We strongly recommend you to participate the O-Phase. Registration usually starts about a month in advance. If you have not yet registered for the O-Phase, please do this immediately at

Please find more information about the ESN Buddy-Programm here.

As a preparation of your stay here, IStO in cooperation with the KIT-Studienkolleg organizes German courses on beginner and intermediate levels (A1-B2) three weeks before the lectures start. For the participation of at least 90% of the classes and the passing of an exam, 4 ECTS can be awarded.

If you have already transferred the participation fee and taken the placement test, you must receive an e-mail with further information on your pre-semester German class.

In addition to this, it is possible to take German classes during semester. You will have to register in time, if you interested in participating this German class. Further information can be found on the webpage of the KIT-Studienkolleg.

Have you already uploaded a photo for the KIT card and received an email in your KIT mailbox? You will receive the email after your ID has been produced.

Please bring your identity card, passport or residence permit with you when collecting your KIT-Card.
Details about the KIT card can be found here.

Registering your place of residence is mandatory for every person moving into a flat/room in Germany.


  • The registration has to be made within two weeks of moving into your new flat/room
  • if moving from another German city, this can be done online
  • if moving from abroad a personal visit is necessary. In case your flat or room is within the distrcit of Karlsruhe, please make an appointment in your responsible Bürgerbüro here.
  • please bring following documents to your appointment: valid ID / passport, housing provider certificate (= Wohnungsgeber-Bescheinigung), visa / residence permit (= eAT)

Please keep your registration document (“Meldebescheinigung”) in a safe place, you will need this document e.g. to open a bank account, to extend your resident permit, etc.

To access the system, you will have to activate your KIT account, which you will receive shortly after your enrollment. If you still have not received your account details two weeks after enrolling, please visit the service desk on the ground floor of the SCC building (building 20.21). Show them your KITCard and they will print your account information on the spot

Your KIT Account

You will receive the e-mail with your account data either soon after you upload your picture for the KIT Card or at the same time. With the account data you will be able to log into the KIT WiFi (wkit).

To manage your account (activating, changing password and forwarding e-mail) you have to follow this link (not

Your account consists of three parts:

  • Your e-mail address: u****

  • Your account name (User-Account/”Benutzerkennung”) starting with “u”

  • Your initial password

Activating your account

You should activate your account immediately after receiving the e-mail with your account data.

Go to and click on “Zur Aktivierung eines neuen Kontos klicken Sie bitte hier”.

Log in with the account data, change your password and accept the terms of use.

Please keep the password safe since it is the access key to a lot of KIT’s online services:

  • access to the “Campus Management Portal” (

  • access to the PC pool computers at the SCC building

  • access to ILIAS, KIT’s online learning platform (

  • access to your KIT e-mail at

  • access to the KIT WiFi network (wkit)

  • remote access to KIT online services via VPN

Detailled information can be found in the Campus Managment Manual.