Outstanding Commitment

The aim of the funding is to support already qualified doctoral students and to improve their integration and interconnections at KIT. The prerequisite for this is that the doctoral students have reached excellent (study) results and, in addition, are distinguished by an outstanding commitment in the international context at their university. 


Target group

Foreign doctoral students from all disciplines with excellent (academic) performance and outstanding commitment in an international context at their university.



For awarding the grant to doctoral students, a doctoral agreement is required. Within six months upon the start of the grant, the doctoral candidate must be accepted by a KIT department with or without reservations.



  • The application must be sent via e-mail by the applying or nominating supervisor via an encrypted e-mail.


Documents to be submitted

  • Cover sheet.
  • CV of the applicant.
  • Letter of acceptance as a doctoral candidate.
  • Letter of recommendation from the supervisor outlining the doctoral candidate's excellent achievements and outstanding commitment in an international context.

The application documents will be treated as confidential and will only be used for deciding on the grants for Highly Committed Doctoral Students. 

Send the application documents in electronic form by email to the International Scholars and Welcome Office (DE INTL): oliver kaas∂kit edu.


Grant Decision

The application will be reviewed by internal audit. Information on the outcome is provided in writing.


Amound and Duration of Funding

The grant is awarded at the International Days at KIT for a maximum of 12 months, an extension is possible in exceptional cases. The scholarship amount of EUR 1,200 will be paid out once.



After the funding period a short final report shall be drawn up together with a photo of the doctoral candidate. The report will be published on the website under personal accounts.



Project contact person: Oliver Kaas



Das Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) ist die zentrale Einrichtung für Nachwuchsförderung am KIT.