Eucor-Studies – 5 Universities, 3 Countries, 1 Campus

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Would you like to spend part of your studies at another university, in the region and abroad?

Within a radius of only 200 km, you can study at five universities in Germany, France and Switzerland and make your studies in the Upper Rhine region international. The university network Eucor - The European Campus consists of the universities of Basel, Freiburg, Haute-Alsace, Strasbourg and KIT. When you enrol at one Eucor member university, you are automatically part of the Eucor network.

By the way: the Eucor network has existed since 1989.

There are various mobility offers:

Free mobility (offered at the KIT)

  • Semester mobility
    Students of an Eucor university can spend a whole semester or year full-time at a partner university. You put together your own study plan. 

  • Selective mobility
    Individual courses are attended at another Eucor university, and courses are also attended at the home university in the same semester.

Integrated mobility

Eucor offers joint courses of study and double degree programmes in which the stay abroad is already firmly anchored in the degree program. You study at the partner universities in alternating semesters. This offer is not available at the KIT. Further information on double degree programmes at the KIT.

Student mobility

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All KIT students have the opportunity to attend individual courses, entire modules or a whole semester at the Eucor partner universities. Studying at the universities of Freiburg, Basel, Haute-Alsace and Strasbourg, is possible without a separate application procedure. As a KIT student, you remain enrolled at KIT and do not have to pay any additional fees at the partner university. Further important information for Eucor students can be found here.

Three countries, five universities, one European Campus. Within two hours you can reach each of the five Eucor partner universities. In three countries along the Upper Rhine, you can gain intercultural experience and improve your language skills.

With a selective mobility, you can flexibly take individual courses at one or more partner universities. You take these courses parallel to your studies at KIT. Either you travel to the course at the partner university every week, you take a block seminar (a compact format on only a few dates) or use a digital / hybrid teaching format. There is also the possibility to spend a whole semester at an Eucor partner university, called semester mobility.

Eucor is the right offer for students who would like to stay in the region. Due to the close proximity, you can gain your first experience at another university and still be at home. There is the possibility to commute. In addition, Eucor mobility is interesting for students who are very mobile: Eucor can be used in addition to other mobility programmes.

Eucor supports your mobility: travel costs to courses, both semester mobility and selective mobility, as well as travelling to special Eucor events can be reimbursed. You have to apply for the travel allowance (during the registration process in Mobility Online) or informally by e-mail to info.eucor∂ for special events.

By attending courses at the Eucor partner universities, you can develop an individual profile for your degree program. Eucor mobility offers you the opportunity to look beyond the horizon, to build up a personal network and perhaps later to do a cross-border doctorate.

With Eucor, you have the chance to get to know the trinational Upper Rhine region. You can make new friends and build a network. Get to know different cultures in the Eucor region and gain valuable experience for the international job market.

In addition to the study programmes, with Eucor you can also use the services of the Eucor partner universities (e.g. libraries) and participate in campus life. Take part in an excursion organised by the Student Services, visit cultural events in the region, take advantage of Career Service events or a summer school. There is also the jointly organised Eucor Festival and the Tour Eucor.