Eucor - The European Campus offers a unique environment for European and international research cooperation.
Bild Forschung Laila Tkotz KIT

Within the high-performance trinational metropolitan region of the Upper Rhine (TMO), the Eucor universities (Basel, Freiburg, Haute-Alsace, Strasbourg and KIT) represent the centre of scientific cooperation. Scientists benefit from the complementary competences and infrastructure of the five locations. The spatial proximity and strong networking of the actors in research, development and innovation facilitate cooperation in this cross-border science region. 
In order to align their cooperation in the long term, the partner universities have defined four thematic research priorities in their joint strategic plan (2019-2023):

  • Quantum Sciences and Technology
  • Personalised Health – Precision Medicine, 
  • Sustainability
  • European Identities

In these areas, the universities in the network are particularly competitive and strive to establish research collaborations that are internationally competitive.


Bild Forschung Laila Tkotz KIT

KIT can look back on many years of cross-border experience, especially in the fields of Quantum Sciences and Technology and Sustainability:

In nanotechnology, KIT has joint professorships with the Université de Strasbourg and joint research groups. The establishment of a European Centre for Quantum Sciences is planned. Within the framework of the cross-border Graduate School QUSTEC (Quantum Science and Technologies at the European Campus), eight doctoral students are doing their doctorates at KIT.
The German-French Institute for Environmental Research (DFIU) has existed at KIT since 1991 and is a central player in science-based, transnational environmental research.