Seed Money

Eucor - The European Campus supports innovative cross-border projects in the fields of research and innovation and in the area of teaching. Scientists and lecturers of the European Campus can apply for the Seed Money call for funding of research and innovation projects (including projects in the field of doctoral education) as well as projects in the field of programme and teaching development. A prerequisite for funding is the cooperation of at least two universities of Eucor - The European Campus (Université de Strasbourg, Université de Haute-Alsace, University of Basel, University of Freiburg and KIT) from at least two countries.

Questions about Seed Money funding? Please contact Nadja Bandulet.

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Eucor mobility promotion

  • Establishment and deepening of cooperations
  • Exchange of experience
  • Further training and conferences
  • Short teaching visits
  • Work shadowing at a person with a similar field of work

Travel and accommodation expenses from KIT to Eucor partner universities

  • Group mobility (joint course)
  • Excursion in the Upper Rhine region
  • Exchange of experience with administration
  • Consultation on further ideas

Travel and accommodation costs, maximum funding amount usually 5000€.

  • Free mobility with individual course choice (semester mobility, temporary mobility)
  • Laboratory practical course
  • Special Eucor events

Travel costs (usually regional train, one return trip per week)

Please direct enquiries about mobility funding to Felicitas Proksch.

Eucor support micro-projects

Projects that contribute to the visibility of Eucor and increase student mobility:

  • Development of mobility recommendations, course overviews, recognition agreements.
  • Counselling services for students
  • Events for / by / with students
  • Agreement on further project ideas

Maximum funding amount usually 5000€.

Please direct enquiries about Eucor support for micro-projects to Felicitas Proksch.

Networking scientists and young researchers

For PhD students and postdocs:

  • Short research stays at an Eucor partner university (2-6 weeks).

Travel, accommodation and living expenses

For researchers:

  • Workshops of one or more days to initiate or deepen research collaborations.

Travel, accommodation and living expenses, personnel or material resources.

For enquiries about the Eucor Networking Package and Exploratory Workshops, please contact info.eucor∂