Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Working Group


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In 2019, the working group “Dealing with Discrimination” formed in the International Affairs Business Unit. We are mainly addressing discrimination in the form of racism. You reach us at antidiskriminierung does-not-exist.intl kit edu.



Our working group “Dealing with Discrimination” addresses problems of discrimination and in particular racism and we are undertaking training in this field. Our bottom-up approach is aimed at making our colleagues at the International Affairs Business Unit aware of the associated problems, informing them, and providing new momentum to the entire KIT. We attach high importance to an open dialog with our colleagues and are open to any feedback, suggestions, and new members.

At monthly meetings, we identify our training needs, organize workshops, and define our contributions to events at KIT and meetings of KIT bodies. We can also advise persons who experience discrimination by referring them to competent institutions. 

Suggestion Box

Suggestions, queries, proposals and complaints can be sent to the suggestion box of the Staff and Strategy Service Unit (STS).


To the Suggestion Box
Contact Points

If you have experienced discrimination, you can find contact points here.

Networks against Racism

If you want to get involved against racism, you can find suitable networks here.