Hilfe bei Diskriminierung / Rassismus

In 2019, the working group “Dealing with Discrimination” formed in the International Affairs Business Unit. We are mainly addressing discrimination in the form of racism. You reach us at antidiskriminierung does-not-exist.intl kit edu.

Our working group “Dealing with Discrimination” addresses problems of discrimination and in particular racism and we are undertaking training in this field. Our bottom-up approach is aimed at making our colleagues at the International Affairs Business Unit aware of the associated problems, informing them, and providing new momentum to the entire KIT. We attach high importance to an open dialog with our colleagues and are open to any feedback, suggestions, and new members.

At monthly meetings, we identify our training needs, organize workshops, and define our contributions to events at KIT and meetings of KIT bodies. We can also advise persons who experience discrimination by referring them to competent institutions. We have published a paper entitled “Rassismus als Form der Diskriminierung – Reflexionen der DE INTL zum Status Quo am KIT“ (racism as a form of discrimination – reflection of the International Affairs Business Unit on the situation at KIT). In the INTL Newsletter, we report regularly about our activities or we present selected contributions on racism.


Network against Racism (Karlsruhe)

The Network against Racism was founded in 2019. It coordinates the collaboration of clubs, organizations, and individuals from all parts of the society in Karlsruhe in order to attract more attention to work condemning racism. One of the goals is to organize events and activities in Karlsruhe, which put racism on the agenda of urban society. This way, more people will become aware and fight racism. Important events are the International Weeks against Racism. iwgr-ka.de

Netzwerk Karlsruhe gegen Rechts (Karlsruhe against Right-wing Tendencies)

The Karlsruhe gegen Rechts network is an association of representatives of public and civil society organizations and groups in Karlsruhe who combat right-wing extremism and group-focused enmity.

International weeks against racism in Karlsruhe

Again and again, people in Karlsruhe are discriminated against and marginalized because of their skin color, their supposed origin or their religion, but also because of their sexuality, their gender or their disability. This is done structurally through legislation, as well as in everyday actions. Racial injury and discrimination range from common language to physical violence. With the regular International Weeks against Racism in Karlsruhe, the organisers take a firm stand against racism.


If you are experiencing discrimination/racism, contact the following offices for support:

AStA, International: https://www.asta-kit.de/en/asta/referate/international

Psychological help of Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe: https://www.sw-ka.de/en/beratung/psychologisch/

Conflict Management and Psychosocial Counseling (PMB): https://www.kmb.kit.edu/english/index.php

Antidiscrimination Office of the City of Karlsruhe: https://antidiskriminierung-ka.de/

Verein Leuchtlinie – support for those affected by right-wing violence in Baden-Württemberg: https://www.leuchtlinie.de/

Simama – Steh auf e.V.: https://simama-stehauf.de (in German) (Karlsruhe; workshops, presentations, networking, etc)

Empowerment! KA: http://www.empowerment-ka.de (in German) (Karlsruhe; monthly group meering, workshops)

adis e.V.: https://adis-ev.de (in German) (Tübingen/online/Karlsruhe; online: antidiscrimination advice at https://www.adis-online.com/ueber-uns.html (in German); Karlsruhe: Advice on labor law (“mira”), etc.)

Contact persons in case of sexual harassment at KIT: https://www.chg.kit.edu/english/sexual_harassment.php

KIT students’ and employees’ suggestion box: https://www.sek.kit.edu/5497.php