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You are studying at one of the Eucor partner universities and would like to attend courses at the KIT?

On this page you will find information for students of the Eucor partner universities Basel, Freiburg, Haute-Alsace and Strasbourg about the mobility procedure at KIT. This applies to both semester mobility and selective mobility.

Eucor students at KIT

The application for students of the Eucor partner universities (Basel, Freiburg, Haute-Alsace and Strasbourg) at KIT is done via the Portal Mobility Online. Go to the Portal Mobility Online in German. Go to the Portal Mobility Online in English.

Please inform yourself about the lecture times at KIT.

Application deadline: Please apply for the start of the winter semester by 30 September at the latest, for the summer semester by 31 March at the latest.

You would like to complete a block seminar (a compact format on only a few dates), a course of the interdisciplinary offer, an Laboratory practical course, a thesis or similar at KIT? Find out whether a later enrolment is possible if your course does not start at the beginning of the semester.

All documents for application and enrolment can be downloaded from the portal or uploaded directly there:

  • Application form
  • Current certificate of enrolment from your home university
  • Enrolment form (KIT)
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Eucor Learning Agreement

Re-registration as an Eucor student is possible. For this purpose, a current certificate of enrolment from the home university and a current Eucor Learning Agreement must be submitted.

  • Re-registration periods: For the winter semester: 01.07 - 15.08. For the summer semester: 15.01 - 15.02.
  • The documents can be uploaded in the Portal Mobility Online.
  • As soon as the complete application has been received, you will be enrolled and will promptly receive your matriculation number as well as all further information (such as access data for the student portal so that your student ID card can be created).
  • Find out about software, IT services and e-learning for a good start at KIT

 Das Learning Agreement ist eine Vereinbarung zwischen dem Studierenden, dem KIT und der Gastuniversität. Hier wird das Programm für den Studienaufenthalt (ausgewählte Kurse an der Gasthochschule) und die Anerkennung der ECTS-Punkte geregelt.

  1. Informiere dich über das Lehrangebot des KIT und suche dir Kurse aus, die du belegen möchtest.
  2. Wichtig: Die Online-Kursbelegung ist erst möglich, wenn du am KIT eingeschrieben bist und deine Zugangsdaten erhalten hast.
  3. Lade dir eine aktuelle Version des Eucor-Learning Agreements herunter und beachte die Erklärungen auf S.2 für deine Heimatuniversität.
  4. Abschließen des Eucor-Learning Agreements:
    • Wende dich zuerst an die Kontaktperson deiner Fakultät (Studiengangskoordinator*in oder Fachkoordinator*in) an der Heimatuniversität.
    • Das von dir ausgefüllte Eucor-Learning Agreement kann direkt im Portal Mobility Online für das KIT hochgeladen und von den entsprechenden Fachkoordinator*innen der KIT-Fakultäten im Portal bearbeitet werden.
      Bitte beachten: Die Bearbeitung des Learning Agreements am KIT kann einige Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, manchmal bis zu 3 Wochen.
  5. Fragen
    • Kursspezifische Fragen? Bitte wende dich direkt an die Fachkoordinator*innen der KIT-Fakultäten.
    • Fragen zum Ausfüllen des Eucor-Learning Agreement oder zu den Ansprechpartner*innen an den KIT-Fakultäten? Dann melde dich bei info.eucor∂
  • Am Ende deines Studienaufenthaltes am KIT erhältst du ein Transcript of Records (ToR). Darin werden die belegten Kurse am KIT i.d.R. mit ECTS-Punkten und Noten nachgewiesen. Studierende aller KIT-Fakultäten können Ihr ToR im Campusmanagement-Portal online erhalten und herunterladen.
Only for stays of at least one semester at KIT.

Important information


Dormitory places (only for stays of at least one semester at KIT):

For Eucor students, the Student Service Karlsruhe offers rooms in its halls of residence.

  • The offer: A room in a hall of residence of the Student Service, free information and counselling, participation in international events and excursions of the International Student Center (STW Karlsruhe).
  • The application for admission to the halls of residence in Karlsruhe should be submitted to the Student Service at least two months before the desired move-in date. Please note that the Student Service cannot guarantee a room.
  • For more information on the halls of residence and the online application; please select "EUCOR" under University.

Semester ticket

  • The KIT-Card (your student ID) can also be used as a ticket for public transport.
  • Monday to Friday (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.), Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays (all day) the KIT-Card can be used as a ticket free of charge in connection with the KVV certificate for students.

If you want to use the public transport around Karlsruhe (the KVV network) outside these times, it currently costs about 170 € (168,90€, as of 2022, more information).

Orientation phase

Here new students can get to know Karlsruhe, the KIT and other students. There are various offers at the beginning of the semester, e.g.

German course

A German course accompanying the studies is free of charge for Eucor students enrolled at KIT.

Culture and sports

Extracurricular activities and working groups

Corona regulation at KIT

Für Fragen zu Bewerbung und Einschreibung am KIT.

Für allgemeine Fragen zu Eucor und zum Studium an den Eucor-Partneruniversitäten.

Für Fragen zur Kursbelegung und Anerkennung wende dich bitte an die Fachkoordinator*innen der KIT-Fakultäten.

Eucor-Kontakte an den Partneruniversitäten: