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STIBET Personal Accounts

DAAD-STIBET Graduation Support Scholarship, Soni Lama

It was a fundamental help to receive the DAAD-STIBET Graduation Support Scholarship for six months for my doctoral research at KIT in the area of plant diversity and nutrient cycling. The program helped me in the most important phase of my doctoral research work. It would not have been possible to manage the financial barrier during this phase without this support. I’m really grateful for having this privilege.


My sincere thanks to the International Scholars and Welcome Office at KIT and DAAD for the support.




DAAD-STIBET Research Assistantship, Mahsa Bagheri:

As an international PhD student, I received the STIBET-DAAD Research Assistantship this year. The Research Assistantship allowed me to work at the Institute of Architectural History, where I pursue my PhD, for six months. It also provided me with the opportunity to get in touch with other researchers at the institute, learn about their activities and have fruitful discussions with them. This was a great opportunity to increase my contact network, as the nature of my work is focused on individual research, hence limiting my opportunities to meet other researchers.

I would like to thank the KIT International Scholars and Welcome Office and the DAAD for providing such programs for me and other international PhDs.



DAAD STIBET Research Assistantship, Vitor Vlnieska

I was granted with the Research Assistantship from the DAAD STIBET Program for Doctoral Candidates to support my PhD project at the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT) at KIT. During five months I was able to learn and get experience in the Clean-room facilities, applying and performing the electrodeposition techniques, an important step on the fabrication process of gratings technology. This experience was just possible with the support from the International Scholars & Welcome Office (IScO) of KIT and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which provided me with the opportunity provided the financial resources to keep me on this project.

The DAAD-STIBET Program is a great opportunity mainly to doctoral candidates that come from abroad and desire to have more experience in a specific field of research. I am very thankful and I appreciate the chance to improve my knowledge by this program. 


DAAD STIBET Research Assistantship, Reetu Elza Joseph

I was privileged to receive the DAAD STIBET Research Assistantship for 5 months in this year. The intellectual and financial benefits I received from the scholarship have contributed much as I am currently pursuing my doctoral studies at KIT. I got a wonderful opportunity to learn more about certain aspects of the research done in our group at the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT) and gained priceless experience while executing the project. I am happier with the fact that my work will benefit both present and future researchers interested in TTA upconversion.

I would especially like to thank the KIT International Scholars & Welcome Office and the DAAD STIBET programme for this amazing opportunity.

Research Assistant Scholarship, Guojun Zhang:

"I received the Research assistant- Scholarship of the DAAD-STIBET-program last year when I continued to pursue my Ph.D at the Research center for School sports and the physical education of children and young adults (FoSS), KIT. Now I finished some parts of my promotion projects. I am so appreciated this Scholarship that not only supported me to continue to work my project but also helped me to export the knowledge and culture specially in the field of nutrition and sport to the Chinese immigration community in Germany to help them access to the healthy life style.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the International Scholars and Welcome Office of KIT and the DAAD for giving me the opportunity to get this Scholarship!"


Contact Scholarship DAAD-STIBET, Hanna Zhdanova:

"I received the Contact-Scholarship, STIBET- DAAD, after finishing my master studies at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev (KNU Shevchenko).
During my master thesis only a part of the project was carried out, since further studies could not be continued due to the lack of necessary equipment in the Ukraine. The resources of the DAAD enabled me not only to work another ten months on my project at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), but I also had the opportunity to find a suitable scholarship for another two years. Thanks to the International Scholars and Welcome Office and this DAAD scholarship, I am now able to complete my doctorate at KIT. This is very important to me, especially in a time in which the unstable situation in my home country complicates the advancement of Science. I hope that my present and future results will be useful for both sides - KIT and KNU Shevchenko. It exists already a long-standing collaboration between the research group in Kiev and my host group in Karlsruhe, and I'm all the more pleased to be a link in this scientific friendship.

Many thanks to the International Scholars and Welcome Office and the DAAD for supporting me!"


Research Assistant Scholarship, Bernadett Bösze:

Thanks to the DAAD-STIBET program I completed a five-month-assistantship in the
Centre for Organismal Studies in Heidelberg. The scholarship provided me a unique chance to work in a first class laboratory of genetic engineering. As a graduate student in a developmental biology laboratory,
learning new, innovative techniques and following up with the recent cutting edge
technology have a great importance.
This fellowship helped me to closely work with and learn from great experts in the field of genetic engineering. This incredible opportunity not only allowed me to expand my knowledge in molecular biology, but I have also gained insight into different applications of genetic engineering on complex biological phenomena. It
also contributed to the enhancement of my interdisciplinary skills and to the development of my interpersonal effectiveness. This generous support of the DAAD-STIBET program will certainly contribute to the
successful completion of my research project.
Nevertheless, I would like to thank the International Scholars and Welcome Office at KIT
for their support and many thanks to DAAD for funding my project.


Graduation support, Mahdi Moghadasian:

I received the "Graduation support" during the last year of my PhD research work in the area of logistics and supply chain management at KIT. I am very grateful for being awarded this financial support because it helped me progress my work within the most important phase of doctoral research. Otherwise, I couldn’t finance myself sufficiently. It also accelerated the submission of my work.

I think this is a great opportunity, especially for foreign doctoral students, to concentrate on their dissertation without having any stress regarding their financial status.

I would like to appreciate the support of DAAD and the International Scholars and Welcome Office at KIT.


Graduation support, Mino Woo:

I received a scholarship from the DAAD STIBET program for five months, after my contract of PhD work is finished. For writing my PhD dissertation, I could get an extension of my contract with reduced salary for the same periods, but it could not be covered the whole living expenses for my family. With STIBET scholarship program, I was successfully completing the writing of most parts of my PhD study. I am very thankful for the scholarship, which allows me to concentrate me on my actual work, my PhD thesis. My wife and two of my children could also enjoy living together with me in Germany. If I wouldn’t have received the DAAD STIBET pre-graduation scholarship, I would have had to leave Germany.

Finally, I would like to thank the International Scholars and Welcome Office and DAAD for the scholarship. 


Graduation support, Murtaza Ali Khan:

I received the five-month DAAD-STIBET pre-graduation-scholarship during my last year of PhD at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). This scholarship helped me to finish my PhD thesis. My PhD title “Nanometric surface probing through Ultra cold atoms” is based on the research of cold and ultra-cold atoms that made a number of important contributions to improve our understanding of fundamental physics, quantum information, quantum interferometry and many other related fields. Furthermore light-matter interaction is a basic tool in physics research and gaining importance in applications in today’s world. I combined the available techniques to precisely control, both - light fields and cold atoms - in order to study the new phenomena when the two of them step into close interaction. My experimental effort is a joint venture project between the European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS), Florence and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, and thrives to bring together experiences in cold atom physics and photonics.

I would really like to thank and express my appreciation to the International Scholars and Welcome Office of KIT and the DAAD for giving me the opportunity to get this scholarship and finish my doctorate studies. 



Project contact person: Oliver Kaas