Module 3: Intercultural competence & social commitment

To successfully complete module 3, you should get involved with an intercultural / international project for one semester.

Some examples of contacts can be found below.

Feel free to participate in a project that is not covered here. The International Students Office can provide you with information as to whether your project fulfills the requirements for module 3.

Contact persons
Tutorial tasks at the Preparatory College for participants of German courses Preparatory course  : Ksenija Fazlic-Walter
Intercultural tutorial tasks: Care of foreign students

Student Union : Iris Buchmann

International Students Office  : Melitta Habersaat

German-French Initiative   : Isabelle Hornik

Professional tutorial tasks: Care of foreign students

International Students Office  : Melitta Habersaat

Deutsch-französische Initiative  : Isabelle Hornik

Language tandem partner for international students Student Union  : Iris Buchmann 
Motivation tutors for hostels Student Union  : Iris Buchmann 
Recruitment and training of exchange students as KIT ambassadors International Students Office  : Melitta Habersaat
Organization of round tables for countries to exchange experiences International Students Office  : Melitta Habersaat
Involvement in international KIT-campus groups AIESEC, AK ERASMUS, AEGEE, Engineers without Borders etc.
Engagement in international regional groups in Karlsruhe und the region

Once you have been involved in a project for a semester, the record of your activity will be confirmed. The International Students Office will then confirm the successful completion of module 3, upon presentation of this evidence.

If you participate in a project at the Administrative Office of the German-French Initiative, the International Students Office or the Student Union, you can also have your activities confirmed on the flyer, the completion of module 3 at the end of the semester.