German Courses at KIT

We offer beginners and intermediate pre-semester German language courses (3 weeks, 4 ECTS) to exchange students usually about 3-4 weeks before lectures begin. At the moment the tuition fee for this course is 75 €. Registration for the course is integrated into the online application.

This course is not a substitute for a certificate of German language required for the application. Admitted students will undergo an assessment to assign them to the appropriate class according to their German level. The information will be sent by e-mail as soon as the fee is transferred to KIT account.

ECTS points will be awarded for at least 90% participation and after passing the written exam.

ERASMUS students also have the possibility to participate in German courses during the semester. One German course per semester is free of charge. However they have to register online at the start of each semester and since there is a high demand, late registration might lead to students not being able to participate.

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