What do I have to do?

When you move into an accommodation, you must notify the competent authority. You must do this within the first 2 weeks.

All students that move inside of Germany can register online. This video from the city of Karlsruhe explains how to do this. You can register with the Universalassistent Meldewesen under "Wohnen und Umzug".  Under "Ihr Anliegen" please specify: „Anmeldung des Einzugs in eine neue Wohnung nach §23 Absatz 1 Bundesmeldegesetz.“ If you want to make an appointment, you can do that at this website.

All students moving from another country to Karlsruhe or the surrounding towns must personally go to a "Bürgerbüro" (city office). From the 31st of July, please register through the following link.

You will need the following items to register: Your lease, housing provider confirmation (to be completed by your landlord, registration form (you must fill this in), passport, electronic residence permit or your visa.

If you do not live in Karlsruhe or the surroundings, please check online how you can register at your new residence.

In many places you can call 115 and get help from the office.

Where should I do this?