What do I have to do?

1. Students from countries outside the EU need a national visa for educational and study purposes (no tourist visa!) to enter Germany. You should apply for this visa at the German Embassy responsible for you at the latest when you receive your admission. Exceptions can be found on the pages of the International Students Office(IStO).

2. After enrolling at KIT and before your entry visa has expired, it is essential that you apply for an eAT (electronic residence permit = Aufenthaltserlaubnis) to study at the local Aliens Regestration Office. The Aliens Registration Office depends on your place of residence:

Please check the pages of the International Students Office(IStO) for further information.

Where do I have to do this?
  • If you reside in Karlsruhe:
    Kaiserallee 8,
    76124 Karlsruhe
  • If you live in the district of Karlsruhe:
    Landratsamt Karlsruhe, Amt für Straßenverkehr, Ordnung und Recht
    Beiertheimer Allee 2
    76137 Karlsruhe