International Affairs


Private liability insurance

As an international student in Germany you must also hold a liability insurance taken out from your home country, which is valid in Germany as well, or a German one. This kind of insurance covers the responsibility for damage caused to persons, objects or assets up to a certain amount. The higher this amount, the higher the annual fee.
For students from Europe the liability insurance taken out in the home country is valid.


Health insurance

Please refer to the page "Preparation: Health Insurance" for detailed information.


Household/property insurance

The household insurance covers damage caused by nature, e.g. thunder- or hailstorms, fire, explosions, as well as burglary, robbery or vandalism. For an additional charge, cycle theft insurance is included. It is, however, only possible for whole apartments and not for single rooms. The costs depend on the size and location of the flat. There are often special rates for students under 26. Commonly, the landlords ask for it.


Casualty insurance

Usually, you do not need such insurance because even students with a foreign passport are automatically insured against accidents during the course of their studies by the state accident insurance fund. The only condition is to be enrolled in a German institution of higher education.

In Germany, employers must take out an insurance against occupational accidents for all their employees. Whether an additional private casualty insurance against accidents during free time is necessary remains a personal decision.