Frequently Asked Questions for Visiting Students at KIT

… concerning application, enrollment and studies as a visiting/exchange/ERASMUS or double degree student at KIT
… concerning preparing your stay at KIT and your first steps in Karlsruhe

… concerning application and enrollment at KIT as a visiting/exchange/ERASMUS or double degree student at KIT

How can I apply as an exchange student? Please check .
What is the institutional code for KIT? D KARLSRU01
Who is my departmental coordinator and how can he /she help me? See for a list.
How can I enroll at KIT as an exchange student? You will receive an e-mail with all the necessary information about the enrollment and how to download your admission letter.
What is orientation week? This is a welcome week for all exchange students that intends to inform our students on academic and social life here at the University and beyond in Karlsruhe. The O-week generally takes place about five weeks before the start of lectures of each semester. You will receive an e-mail with all the information about registration etc. prior to arrival or you can check online at
Where can I find an overview of all lectures and courses at KIT? The “Vorlesungsverzeichnis“ has all information you need for the lectures: . For more detailed information, you should check the module handbooks on your department’s homepage: .
In which language are the lectures? Most of the lectures are held in German; only a few lectures are in English.
When do the lectures start? The lectures start mid-October and end mid-February for the winter term. The summer term start mid-April and ends at the end of July.
Can I change my Learning Agreement? Yes, you can, but you have to discuss the changes with your departmental coordinator.
Who has to sign my Learning Agreement? The departmental coordinator at your KIT department has to sign the Learning Agreement first. The Incoming ERASMUS coordinator can sign it afterwards, but generally doesn’t need to.
Where can I take a German language course? The “Studienkolleg” at KIT offers a lot of German courses: . Some courses are during the semester, others are offered before the semester begins.
When does the pre-semester language course start and how long does it take? The pre-semester course starts four weeks before the general lectures, and it is three weeks long.
What do I need to do before I leave? Please check for more information.

…concerning preparing your stay at KIT and your first steps in Karlsruhe

I need a place to stay. Can you help me? The first place to go to is the “Studentenwerk”. They can help you find a room. You can find more information on their homepage. ( You can also check or see our housing service during their office hours in room 048 (Bldg. 50.20):
Tuesdays: 14.30 – 16.30
Thursdays: 9.30 – 11.30

Is it easy to find a room in Karlsruhe? Karlsruhe has a lot of students and sometimes it can be difficult to find a room at the beginning of the semester.
Where can I get my public transport ticket? You can download a KVV ticket that is valid in the evenings and on the weekend on the „Studierendenportal“. Furthermore, you can buy the Studiticket, which is valid 24/7 at the one of the KVV offices. Therefore, you have to take along your KIT Certificate of Registration and your KIT card. At the moment it costs 127,90 € and is valid six months. Further information you can find here: .
How can I use the Studierendenportal? On this website you will find an instruction how to use the Studierenportal in order to download the KVV ticket or your Certificate of Registration. Please see the navigation on the left.
Do I need a visa for entering Germany? Yes, if you are a non-European national you will need one of the following documents in order to study or do a PhD in Germany:
  • A valid student visa (if you have already been admitted to your study program)
  • A valid visa for applying students (if you have received confirmation of your application)
For more information visit

What do I have to do after my arrival in Karlsruhe? First of all, you have to enroll at KIT and find accommodation, then register at the City of Karlsruhe (and the Foreigner’s Office if you need a permit of stay). Further, you might want to open a German bank account.
As soon as you have an accommodation in Karlsruhe, please change your address in the Studierendenportal. Please see the navigation on the left for information about the portal.
Do I need residence permit in Germany? Yes, possibly. Please check for further information.
Do I have to register with the city of Karlsruhe? Yes, definitely! Please read more about it on .
Do I need a health insurance? In Germany, all students under the age of 30 need to be covered by a health insurance, i.e. at enrollment at KIT you need to provide proof of a valid health insurance. You can find more information at .
How can I open a bank account? For information on how to open an account please check .