STUBE-BW stands for academic accompanying program for and by students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. STUBE is a development-related completion to professional studies – on weekends and covering various interesting topics.

The STUBE Programme offers:

  • Week-end seminars, study days, excursions, workshops on development related aspects
  • Financial support for a development aid career-oriented internship or research in the native country (BPSA)

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In February 2022 STUBE-BW invites you to the following seminars:

Consumption – How to make it fair and climate friendly
24. – 26. February 2023 I Stuttgart

Whether clothing, food, electrical goods, cell phones or other goods - the downside of the desire for cheap products is hardly considered. Cheap production is made possible by poor pay and bad working conditions. In the "factories for the world market „mostly female workers are suffering from working hours of up to 90 hours per week, unpaid overtime or sexual assault.

In addition our consumer habits are actually driving climate change and water insecurity. The production and use of household goods and services was responsible for 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

It takes a different approach to consumption and pressure from consumers to change this. Fair trade, fair procurement and consumer criticism are important starting points here.

In this seminar we will

  • use examples from fashion and computer industries to examine the connections between consumption and the globalized world of work
  • ask for alternatives and how they can be implemented
  • consider how we can change our own consumption behavior

We will work a lot in groups with exercises and role-plays and would leave plenty of time for interaction.

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