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Shaping a livable future world of work through global research collaboration

Presentation of KIT LINK at the first „BMBF Forum International” in Berlin, Germany, on May 21 - 22 2019 on the subject of “The Future of Work” hosted by The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
The Future of WorkINTL

Around the world, jobs are already undergoing profound changes due to digitalization. Representatives of German and international research, industry, and government came together to discuss opportunities and potential solutions for shaping a livable future world of work.

“The Future of Work” is also the focus of the latest international BMBF research marketing campaign, which celebrated its’ kick-off in Berlin. As an international continuation of the BMBF Science Year – Working Life of the Future, it offers ten top-class German research networks in the field of Work 4.0 a platform to present their innovative projects on the future of work around the world and attract international partners.The goal is to increase Germany’s international visibility as an attractive place to study and engage in research and innovation, and to raise awareness of the ways to access Germany as a location for research.

Among the selected networks is KIT LINK, the transatlantic network for innovative high-quality research with future potential, created by Esther Legant.

KIT LINK stands for the exchange of knowledge and communication between the San Francisco Bay Area and Baden-Württemberg and forms a transatlantic partnership in cooperation with SAP for the exchange on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Through the network, KIT LINK will actively involve the alumni in research, teaching and innovation via the network, will raise awareness of the importance of knowledge transfer for an innovative working environment and will facilitate the exchange of talents, ideas, technologies and investments.

Guided by the mission "The intelligent network: from knowledge transfer to transformation by communication via minds", Zeitgeist events will be hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area to support the establishment of the network. These events will be held within the topics of the selected research areas Cloud Services, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Entrepreneurship, Digital Health and Open Knowledge.

KIT LINK is driven by the intention to develop an intelligent transatlantic network to foster the dialog between society, industry and academia. As well as establish a forum for cooperation and innovation for transformation in the field of “The Future of Work”. Additionally, the network aims to create a German-American team of experts who will solve global issues of the future.