KIT+TONGJI / SHANGHAI Prof.  Xiaoming Zhu  /  Prof.  Hui Li  /  Dipl. Ing. Susanne Gerstberger   /  Akad. Oberrat Alex Dill

Architecture + design

Profession + Intellectuality is the aim of the courses offered in the Faculty of Architecture + Furniture / Architecture + Interiors of the Faculty of Architecture - KIT.

For the seminar "current trends in architecture, art and design", three didactically conceived areas of experience are essential.

1. Knowledge transfer / analysis and cognition training

2. Exercise and experiment / design and produce

3. Practical insight and experience / connection and cooperation with practice


Teaching concept

In the seminar "GLOBAL DESIGN" and in the design project "CULTURAL CENTER SHANGHAI" the topic for architecture, urbanity, art and design was developed and discussed. The excursion designed for this purpose and the workshop "CITY LIFE BALANCE" as cooperation and up-to-date scientific exchange with the TONGJI UNIVERSITY have the goal of applying the findings on the example of a 25 million metropolis, in another, alien culture and on a tremendously large scale to learn and to understand, to practice interdisciplinary cooperation in order to gain a much wider experience and to be able to better recognize and assess future developments and goals for architecture, urbanity and design.


International cooperation

In fact, by working with TONGJI University, Prof. Xiaoming Zhu and Prof. Hui Li, expectations and goals have not only been met but far exceeded. The most important contemporary architectural ensembles as well as the deep cultural tradition of the Chinese garden and the urban structures of the cities could be experienced just as intensively and in very personal experiences and expert discussion on excursions as the workshop work in 10 mixed international groups on an industrial area with decommissioned lignite Large power plants in Shanghai.



As a result, the excursion and collaboration with TONGJI University and the workshop of the 22 KIT students and 30 Chinese students could be realized as an exceptionally important and successful, highly concentrated work program. This international cooperation now has very good foundations and perspectives to continue and deepen. At the same time, the findings on China's evolution, the metropolis of Shanghai as a hypermodern Asian city with a warm, humid climate and the latest technology and cultural standards (Singapore standards) are a profound, sustainable, essential experience for all participants.

It remains to publish the professional results, to nurture the contacts and to thank all those who made this possible and have secured success through meetings, lectures, guided tours and tips and energetic help. Without the financial support of the DAAD and the TONGJI University this would not have been possible.


 Karlsruhe, October 22, 2018 / Alex Dill